a art (single but unspecified person/thing) uno; ,
abacus n abaco
abandon vt cede; linque; relinque
abate vt minue
abide vi dege
abject adj vile
able adj (skillful) capace
about prep (concerning) de; (place, time, quantity) circa;
above prep (over but not in contact) super
abroad adv ab; ad extero
absent adj to be absent abes
accept vt accipe
accident n (mishap) infortunio
accompany vt comita
accomplish vt perfice
accord vt (give, award) da || adv accordingly ergo || prep according to juxta; secundo; secundum
accost vt appropinqua
account n computo; on account of ergo; propter
ache n dolore
achieve vt comple || n achievement opera
acknowledge vt agnosce;
acquire vt acquire; eme; lucra; obtine
across prep (on the other side of) trans;
address vt dirige; discute; ora
adjacent adj adjacente
adjoin vt adjunge
adjunct adj adjuncto
admit vt confite
adorn vt para
adroit adj versuto
Advent n (rel) adventu
adverse adj adverso
advertise n advertisement annuntio
advise vt consilia; consule; notifica;
after adv deinde || prep (according to) secundo; secundum; (since) post; (time) post || adv afterward postea
again adv bis; de novo; iterum;
against prep contra || adj adverso;
age n old age senectute || adj aged sena;
agree adj agreeable amœno; grato; be agreeable place;
air n airship aeronave
alarm vt turba
alas inter eheu!; heu!
albeit conj quamvis
alike adj pari
alive adj vivo
all adj toto;
alley n vico
almost adv paene; quasi;
alone adj solo
along prep alongside apud
already adv jam
also adv etiam
although conj etsi; quamvis
always cor semper
ambiguous adj vago
amble vi ambula
among prep apud; inter
amuse n amusement ludo
ancestor n progenitore; ancestry majores; stirpe
and conj atque; et; item
angry adj irato
anguilla n anguilla
anguish n angustia
announce vt nuntia || n announcement annuntio
another adj altero
answer vt responde || n responso
antique n antiquity vetustate
antler n ramo
any cor (one, some, every, or all without specification) ullo
ape n simia
apex n vertice
appertain vi pertine
apple n male
arise vi nasce; ori
arm n brachio
armoire n armario
around prep circum
arrange vt ordina
arrears n arretrato
arrive vi adveni; perveni || n arrival adventu
as cor quale; sicut; ut; as far as (distance) usque; as if quasi; as long as dum; as...as tanto...quanto; tanto...quanto tam...quam; as...so ut...ita
ash adj ashy cinereo
ask vt interroga; quaere; ask for roga
ass n (zool) asino
assemble vt assembla; conflue; reuni
assent vi annue
associate n socio
assume vt (debts, responsibilities, etc.) sume; (suppose, presume) induc
assure n assurance fiducia
at prep (contiguous to) ad; (in the house of) apud; at Akane's house apud Acane; (near) apud; (toward) ad; verso; at hand adjacente; prope; at last in fine; at once subito; at present nunc; at the end in fine; at the time tunc
attack vt opugna
attain vt attinge
attempt n conatu
attend vt servi
augment vt auge
augur vt augura || n augury augurio
August n augusto
aunt n amita
avoid vt evita
await vt attende
awake vi (to wake up) expergisce
away adv ab
awning n tentorio


back n (anat) dorso || adv backward ad retro
bad adj male; very bad pessimo || adv badly male
baggage n impedimento; sarcina
balance n (of account) reliquo
ball n pilo
band n turba
bang vt percute || n rumore
bar n (in a river) pulvino
barbarian adj barbarous truce
bard n vate
bare adj mero || adv barely vix
bark vi latra || n (tree, outer) cortice
barley n hordeo
base vt funda
battle vt lucta; pugna || n lucta
be vi es || n being (entity) ente
beak n becco; rostro; (beak) rostro
bean n faba
bear n (zoo) urso; bearing vultu
beard n barba
beast n bestia
beat vt (defeat) vince; (strike repeatedly) battue
beautiful adj pulcro
because conj nam; quia || prep because of ergo; propter
become vt fi || afx fi
bed n lecto; bedroom cubiculo; bedspread linteolo
bee n ape
beech n fago
beer n cervisia
before prep (place) coram; prae; (time) ante || adv before now jam; before then jam
beg vt pete
begin vt incipe; ingrede || n beginning principio
behalf n on behalf of pro
behind prep retro
behold! inter ecce
behoove vi to be necessary oporte
believe vt crede
bell n campana
below prep infra; sub
bench n sedile
bend vt flecte
benefit n lucro
benign adj benigno
beside prep vicino; besides ultra
best adj optimo
better adj meliore; potius
between prep inter; to be between interes
beverage n bibita
beyond prep (after) post; (besides) ultra; (farther) praeter; (on the other side of) trans
bias vt propende
big adj crasso
bill n factura; (beak) becco
bird n ave
birth n birthday natalitio
bit n mica
bitter adj amaro
black adj nigro
blade n lamina
blame n culpa
bland adj lene
blandish n blandishment blanditia
blaze vi splende
blend vt misce
bless adj blessed beato
bliss adj blissful beato
block n (of stone, etc.) massa
blond adj flavo
blood n sanguine
bloom vi flore
blow vt suffla
bludgeon n virga
blue adj caeruleo
board n tabula
body n corpore
bog n palude
boil vt bulli
book n bookseller bibliopola; librario
boot n calceo
booth n umbra
bore n boredom taedio; weariness taedio
born adj nato; be born again renasce || vi be born nasce
borough n pago
borrow vt mutua
both adv ambo; both...and et...et
bottle n phiala
box n capsula
boy n boyhood pueritia
brace n brachio
brain n cerebro
branch n ramo
brass n aes
bravo inter euge!
bread n pane
break vt frange; quassa; rumpe || adj broken fracto
breakfast n dejejuno; primo prandio
breath n flatu; halitu
breathe vi respira
breeches n braca
brick n later
bridge n ponte
bring vt apporta; bring about effice
broad adj lato
brood vt brood upon fove
broth n jusculo
brother n fratre
brown adj fusco
bud n germine
bugle n bucina
build vt fabrica || adj built constructo
building n fabrica
bulk n massa
bundle n fasce
burn vt ure || vi arde
business n (any matter or concern) opera; (commerce) negotio
bust n (chest) pectore
but conj ceterum; sed; vero; (unless) nisi; si ne
butcher vt trucida
buy vt eme
by prep (agent: authorship) ab; (agent: by means of) per; (in oaths) per; (near) apud; vicino; by all means certo; by chance (possibly) forsan; by now jam; by oneself solo; by reason of nam; by then jam; by this time jam


cabinet n armario
cake n libo
call vt voca; call out clama
callus n callo
can vt pote
cancel vt tolle
cane n baculo
canoe n lintre
cap n pileo
capable adj capace
capsule n capsula
car n carro
caravan n commeatu
card n tessera
care vt care for cura || n cura || adj careful sollicito
caress n blanditia
carpet n tapete
carriage n vehiculo
carry vt fer; (by vehicle) vehe; carry out effice
cascade n cataracta
cast vt (form) funde
cat n fele
cataract n cataracta
catch vt rape || adj caught capto
cause vt effice
caution n (care to avoid danger) cautela
cave n cavo; spera
cease vt cessa
ceiling n tecto
celebrity n fama
cell n cella
cellar n cella
century n seculo
certain adj (sure) certo; to be sure! certo!; (to a certain extent) aliquanto || adv certainly (assuredly) certo; vero
cerulean adj caeruleo
chair n cathedra
chalk n creta; gypso
chance n by chance per casu
change vt cambia; muta
chapter n (book) capitulo
charm vt delecta
chase n venatione
chaste adj casto
cheek n gena
chemise n camisia
chest n (anat) pectore; thorace
chestnut n castanea
chicken n pullo
child n puero; childhood pueritia
chin n mento
China n Sina
Chinese adj sinense
choose vt elige; (elect to office) elige
chop n fissura
church n ecclesia
cider n sicera
circle n circulo || vt circui
circuit vt circui
cite vt cita
city n civitate; urbe
civil adj (polite) civile
clad adj vestito
claim vi clama || n postulatione
clan n (gens) gente
clasp vt amplecte
clean vt terge
cleave n cleavage fissura
clerk n adjutore
cliff n rupe
cloak n pallio
clock n horologio
close vt claude || n closure clausura || adj closed clauso
closet n cubiculo
cloth n panno; tela; texto; (any woven fabric) fabrica; tablecloth mantele; mappa
clothe n clothes habitu; veste; clothes stand suspendio de veste
cloud n nebula
clover n trifolio
coal n carbone (lapideo)
coarse adj crasso; rude
coat n (anat.) tunica; overcoat superveste
cock n gallo
coddle vt fove
cogitate vt cogita
coil n rocchetto || vi volve
cold adj frigido || n frigore
collect vt collige
comb vt pecte
come vi veni; come back redi; reveni
comfort n (consolation) solacio
comma n virgula
command vt impera || n potestate
commence n commencement principio
commissary n commissario
commissioner n commissario
commodious adj commodo
compel vt coge
complete adj pleno || vt comple
compress vt preme
conceal vt occulta
conceive vt concipe || adj conceivable conceptibile
concern adj concerning de
condone vt condona
confess vt confite
confide n confidence fiducia
conflict n pugna || vi pugna
connect n connection junctura || adj connected conjuncto
conquer n conquerer victore || adj conquered victo
consanguineous adj consanguineo
consequence adv consequently itaque
conserve vt respice
consider vt puta
console n consolation solacio
construct vt fabrica || adj constructed constructo
consult vt consule
contain adj containing continente
content adj contento
continent n continente
continue vi dura
contrive vt (invent) inveni
control vt rege
cook vt coque || n coquo
copper n cupro
cork n (material) subere
corn n (callus) callo; (grain) grano
corona n corona
correct vt corrige; restitue; sana || adv correctly vere
cost vt consta || n sumptu
cotton n gossypio
counsel vt consilia
count vt numera
country n rure
couple n paria
course n (of dinner) ferculo; (racing) cursu; of course certo
courteous adj benigno; gentile
cousin n consobrino
cover vt cooperi; tege || adj covered cooperto
cow n (female) vacca
coward n ignavo; vile
cream n cremore (de lacte)
creep vi repe
crew n turba
crop n messe
cross n crossing trajectu
crowd n turba
crown n corona || vt corona
crude adj crudo
cruel adj truce
crush vt preme || adj crushed fracto
cry vt clama || vi fle; lacrima; plange || n plora
cubicle n cubiculo
cubit n cubito
cuff n pulsino
cultivate adj cultivated culto
culture adj cultured erudito
cup n cupa
cure vt cura; sana || n cura
curious adj mirando
curtail vt minue
curtain n tentorio; velo
cushion n pulvino
custodian n custode
custom adj customary usitato
cut vt caede; incide; seca; (off, through) praescinde || n cutter (boat) phaselo || adj inciso
cutlet n costeletta


damage adj damaged laeso
danger n periculo || adj dangerous periculoso
dare vt aude
dark adj fusco; obscuro
daughter n filia
dauntless adj impavido
day n (24-hour period) die; (opp. to night) die
death n decessu; morte
debt n debito
decide n decision judicio
deck n ponte
declare vt dic
decline vt recusa
defeat vt vince
demand n postulatione
den n spera
dense adj spisso
deny vt nega; recusa
depart vi exi; parti || n departure exitu
deprive adj deprived privo
derange vt turba
descend vi descende
design n designo
desire vt desidera || n desiderio
despise vt despecta; despice
destitute adj inope
detect vt detege
deuce n diabolo
devastate vt pervasto
devil n diabolo
dew n rore
dextrous adj versuto
die vi mori; peri
differ adj different diverso
difficult n difficulty angustia
diffuse vt diffunde
digest vt digere
digit n digito
diminish vt minue
dine vi conviva; epula
dinner n cena; epula; tertio prandio
direct vt dirige
dirty adj spurco
disappear vi evanesce
disaster n infortunio
disclaim vt nega
discourse n oratione
discover vt detege; discoperi; reperi || adj discovered discoperto; reperto
discuss vt discute
dish n plato
dismal adj mœsto
dispatch vt expedi
displace vt amove
display vt (exhibit) expone; (show) monstra
disseminate vt semina
dissolve adj dissolved soluto
distant adj distante
district n pago
ditch n fossa
diurnal adj diurnale
diverse adj diverso
do vt fac; did e; in praeterito; I did write, I wrote me e scribe
doctor n medico
dog n cane
domain n imperio; regno
donate n donation donation
door n ostio; porta; doorstep limine
double adj duplo
doubt n dubio
dowry n dote
drag vt trahe
draught n haustu
draw vt (pull) trahe
dread vt time
dress n dressmaker modista || vt vesti
drink vt bibe || n bibita; haustu; drinking glass poculo
drive vt impelle || n driver vecturario
drop n guta
dross n scoria
drought n siccitate
drug n druggist pharmacopola
dry adj sicco || vt sicca
duck n anate
dull adj hebete
dumb adj muto
dumbbell n libramenta
during n dum
duty n custom duty telonio || adj dutiful pio


eagle n aquila
ear n aure
early adj (towards beginning) cito
earn vt lucra
earthenware n fictilia
ease n otio || adj easy facile
east n est
eat vt ede; manduca
eel n anguilla
effect vt effice; effectuate effice
effort n conatu
eight card octo; eighty octoginta || ord eighth octavo; eightieth octogesimo
either conj (indifferent) vel...vel; either ... or aut...aut || prn altero; (both of two) utroque
elapse vi flue; labe
elbow n cubito
elevate vt eleva
elevator n ascensore
eleven card decem-uno
eleventh ord decimo-primo
else adv alio || cor elsewhere alibi
embarrass vt impedi
embrace vt amplecte
embroider n embroidery pictura per acu
emery n smyride
eminent adj augusto
emphasize vt preme
empire n imperio
employ n unemployment otio
empty adj vacuo
enamel n encausto || vt encausta
encircle vt circumda
encompass vt circui
encumber n encumbrance impedimento
endive n endivia
endorse vt fave
endure vi dura || vt (bear, undergo) pate
engage adj be engaged in versa
engineer n ingeniario
England adj English anglo
engrave vt incide || adj engraved inciso
enough adj be enough suppedito || adv satis
enter vt intra
entertain vt delecta; epula
entire adj toto || adv entirely toto
entity n ente
entrance n ingressu
entreat vt ora
enumerate vt (mention one by one) numera
envelope n involucro || vt involve
envy vt invide
epistle n epistola
epoch n aevo
equal adj pari
equipment n supellectile
equity n jure
era n aevo
erase vt frica
erect vt erige
erudite adj erudito
escort vt comita
especial adv especially maximo; praecipue; praesertim
establish vt stabili
estate n loco
even adv etiam; even if etsi
evening n vespere
eventual adv eventually (in the end) in fine
ever adv (always) semper
every cor omne; everyone omne; everywhere passim
evil adj male || n male
evolve adj evolved evoluto
examine vt inspice
exceed vt supera || adv exceedingly extra; ultra; valde
excess n (balance) reliquo
excite vt incende
execrate adj execrable nefando
execute vt (perform) exseque
exhibit vt expone
expect vt expecta
expedient n to be expedient expedi
expose vt (set in public view; phot) expone; (uncover, reveal) expone
express vt exprime
exterior n extero || adj extraneo
extraneous adj extraneo
eye n oculo


fabric n panno; tela; texto
face n vultu
factory n fabrica; officina
fair adj (hair) flavo
faithful adj fidele
fall vi cade; labe
far adj distante; longe || adv so far adhuc
farm n farmer agricola
farrago n farragine
fate n (random, as if by lots) sorte
father n patre
fatigue adj fatigued fesso
faucet n valvula
favor vt fave; fove
fear vt time; vere || n (general) timore || adj fearless impavido
feast n epula || vi conviva
feather n pluma
feature vt praesenta
fee n imposito
feed vt nutri; (give food, or provide in manner of food) ale || n nutrimento
feel vt senti
feign adj feigned ficto
felt n (cloth) coactilia
female n femina
fern n filice
ferule n virga
fetter vt impedi
fever n febri
few adj pauco; a few aliquanto
field n agro
fight vt lucta; fight against opugna || n lucta
file vt ordina
fin n pinna
final adv finally denique; in fine
find vt inveni; praebe
finger n digito
finish vt fini
fir n abiete
fire n foco; igne; pyro; fireplace camino || vt (ignite) incende
firm n (business) fabrica
first ord primo; at first primo
fish n pisce || vt pisca
fissure n fissura
five card quinque; fifty quinquaginta || ord fifth quinto; fiftieth quinquagesimo
fix vt stabili
flake n flocco
flame n flamma
flax n lino
flesh n carne
flint n silice
floor n pavimento; plano
flour n farina
flourish vi flore
flow vi flue
flower n flore || vi flore
fly vi vola || n (insect) musca
foam n spuma || vi spuma
follow vt fave; seque || n follower fautore || adj followed secuto; following sequente
food n alimento; cibo; nutrimento
fool n stulto || adj foolish stulto
foot n pede
for prep ob; pro
force vt (by physical power) fortia; (coerce, compel) coacta; coge || n (mech, mil) fortia; (strength) fortia; vi
fore n forefather progenitore
forecast vt praevide
forehead n fronte
foreign adj extraneo
foresee vt praevide
forest n silva
forget vt oblivisce
fork n furcula
form n modo
former adj priore || adv formerly olim
found vt funda
four card quatuor; forty quadraginta; four by four quatuor per quatuor || ord fortieth quadragesimo; fourth quarto || fract fourth uno quarto
fox n vulpe
frame n (body) corpore
France n Frenchman franco
frank n Frank (hist) franco
free adj gratis; libero || adv freely libenter
frequent adv frequently saepe; subinde
Friday n veneredie
friend n amico; friendship amicitia
frog n rana
from prep ab; de
front n in front of ob
fry adj fried fricto (in patella)
full adj pleno
fund vt funda
fungus n fungo
furious adj irato
furlough n commeatu
furniture n piece of furniture supellectile
furrow n lira
further adj ultra || adv (moreover, yet, more) praeterea
futile adj inutile


gain vt lucra || n lucro
gale n procella
game n joco; ludo
garden n horto
gather vt collige
gauze n gaza
gentle adj gentile; lene
genus n genere
germ n germine
get vt percipe; get to (be able to) pote; (reach) attinge
girl n puella; girlhood pueritia
give vt da; praebe; give back restitue; give up cede
glad adj laeto || n gladness laetitia || vt gladden laetifica || adv gladly libenter
glass n vitro
glide vi labe
glove n chirotheca
go vi i; vade; (on foot) grade; go back regrede; go down descende; go on dura; go out exi
goat n capra
god n deo; godly (pious) pio
gold n auro
good adj bono; (morally) benigno || n goodness bonitate; goods merce
goose n ansere
govern vt guberna; impera; rege
grace n (before meals) prandio
gradual adv gradually paulatim
graft vt insere
grain n grano
grape n uva
grass n herba
grateful adj grato
grave adj (serious, weighty, not trifling) grave || n fossa
gravy n suco
great adj magno; greater majore; superiore || adv greatly valde
green adj viride
greet vt saluta
grey adj cano; cinereo
grid n craticula
grieve vt dole
grill n craticula
grow vi cresce
guest n hospite
guitar n cithara
gum n gummi


habit n (clothes) habitu
habitual adj usitato
habituate vt assuefac
hair n capillo; pilo
half fract dimidio
hall n aula
hand n manu; (of a watch) indice; on the other hand ceterum || vt hand over trade
handiwork n opera
handkerchief n sudario
handle n manubrio
handy adj (at hand) prompto
hang vi pende
happen vi incide
happy adj felice || n happiness jucunditate
harangue vt ora
hard adj duro
hardly adv vix
hare n lepore
harrow vt hirpice
harvest vt mete || n messe; harvester messore
haste vi hasten matura
hat n cappa; pileo; hatter cappario
hate vt odio
have vt habe; have on, be wearing gere; vesti
hawk vt (peddle) circumfer
hazard n periculo
he prn illo; he who illo; himself se
head n capite
heal vt cura
health n salute; sanitate
heap n massa
hear vt audi || n hearing auditu || adj heard audito
heart n corde
heat n calore || vt calefac
heath n erica
heaven n caelo; cœlo
heavy adj grave; ponderoso; (phys., fig.) grave
heel n talo
heir n herede
hello inter eho!; heus!
help vt adjuva || n auxilio || adj helpless inope; misero
hemp n cannabe
hen n gallina
hence adv ergo; hinc; inde; henceforth post
her prn illa; illo; herself se || pos suo
herb n herba
here cor hac; hic || inter here is/here are ecce
hide vt occulta
high adj alto; higher supero
hinder vt obsta
hint vt indica; suggere
his pos suo
hit vt ice; percute
hither cor huc
hole n puteo; (cavity) cavo
hollow n cavo
home n domo
honey n melle
hope vt spera || n spe
hors d'ϵvre n anteprandio
horse n caballo; equo; horsetail equiseto
host n hospite
hot adj calido
hour n hora
house n domo; in the house of apud
how cor quomodo; how many quot; how many times? quotiens?; how much quanto
however adv sed; tamen
hug vt amplecte
hulk n scapha
hull n scapha
human n homine
humble adj humile
hundred card centum || ord hundredth centesimo
hunt n venatione
hurrah inter io!
hurricane n huracano
hurry n festinatione
hurt adj hurtful damnoso
husband n marito; sponso; vir


I prn me
ice n glacie
idle n idleness otio
if conj si; if not si non; if...or if sive...sive
ill adj infirmo || n illness infirmitate
ill-omened adj infausto
illiterate adj analphabeta
illuminate vt illumina
immediate adv immediately mox; statim; subito
impede vt impedi; obsta
impel vt impelle; urge
impermeable adj impermeabile
implant vt insere
impose vt impone
in prep in
inauspicious adj infausto
inch n pollice
incise n incision inciso
incite vt incide
include adj included incluso
income n (from investments) reddito
increase vt auge || vi cresce
index n indice
indicate vt indica
indignant adj be indignant indigna
induce vt induc
infer vt infer
inferior adj inferiore
infirm adj infirmo || n infirmity infirmitate
inflame vt incende
inflect vt flecte
influence vt influe
ingot n lingot
inherit n inheritor herede
inject adj injected iminisso
injure adj injured laeso; injurious damnoso
ink n atramento; inkstand atramentario
inodorous adj inodoro
inquire vt inquire
inscribe adj inscribed inscripto
insert vt insere; interpone
inside adv inside of intra
inspect vt inspice
instead prep potius
instigate vt instiga
insulate vt insula
insure n insurance assecurantia; assecuratione
interest vt interes || adj interesting interessante
interlace vt interlaquea
interpose vt interpone
interrogate vt interroga
intervene vi interes
intimate vt suggere
introduce vt (bring in) infer
invent vt inveni
irate adj irato
iron n ferro
island n insula
it prn illo; (human) illo; (nonhuman) illo
its pos suo; (reflexive) se


janitor n famulo
Japan n Nippon; Japanese nipponense || adj Japanese nipponico
jealous adj zelotypo
jest vi lude
journal n diurnale
journey n itinere
joy n gaudio; laetitia || adj joyful laeto
judge vt judica || n judice; judgment judicio
juice n suco
jump vi salta || vt jump over transili
juncture n junctura
Jupiter n jove
just n justice jure


keep vt (maintain, hold in a place) retine || n keeper custode
key n (of a piano, computer) clave; (to a lock) clave; keyboard claviario
kidnap vt rape
kidney n rene
kind n genere || adj benigno
king n rege; kingdom regno
kiss n basio; osculo
kitchen n coquina
knee n genu
knife n cultro
knit vt scutula || n knitting scutula
knock vt pulsa
know vt cognosce; nosce; sci || adj known cognito; noto


labor n laborer operario
laboratory n officina
lace n laqueo
lacking vi be lacking defice
lamb n agno
land n terra || vi egredi ex nave
language n lingua
lap vt (drink) linge
large adj magno; larger majore
last vi dura || adj (time, meeting, birthday) ultimo; at last denique; in fine
late adj sero; tardo; be late tarda || adv lately nuper
laugh vi ride || n laughter risu
launch n scapha
laurel n lauro
law n jure; lege
lawn n prato
lay vt pone
lazy adj pigro
lead vt duc || n plumbo
leaf n folio
leak vi (fluid) flue
learn vt (by study) disce; to learn by heart edisce || adj learned docto; erudito; sapiente
leather n corio
leave vt linque; relinque
left adj sinistro; at the left laeva; sinistro
leg n crure
lenient adj lene
less adv minus; less...than minus...quam
lesson n lectione
letter n (correspondence) epistola
library n bibliotheca
lick vt linge
lie vi jace
life n vita
lift vt eleva; subleva; tolle
light n luce; lumine || vt accende; illumina || adj (weight) leve; lighted accenso
like vt ama
lime n calce
linen n lino
lining n subsuto
lintel n limine supero
lip n labio
list n tabella
little adj pauco || adv pauco
live vi habita || vt vive
liver n hepate
load vt (cargo, bullets, film, et al.) impone; onera
locate adj located sito
lock n locksmith claviario
look vt look at adspice; perspice; prospice; spece; specta || vi aspice || n vultu
lose vt perde
lost adj to be lost (perish) peri
love vt (feel deep affection for) ama || n amore
low adj basso; humile; lower inferiore
lucre n lucro
luggage n sarcina
lunch n secundo prandio
lung n pulmone


mad adj (rabid) rabido
maid n ancilla; (maiden) puella
major adj majore || n (mil) majore
make vt fac
male n mas(culo)
malform vt maleforma
man n homo; vir
manage vt (look after the affairs of person, business, organization) gere || n manager (for an owner) gerente
manservant n famulo
mantle n pallio
manufacture vt fabrica || n manufacturer fabricante
many adj so many tot; multo
map n mappa
maple n acere
marble n marmore
march n March (month) martio
marry vt marita
Mars n marte
marsh n palude
marvel adj marvellous mirabile
mass n massa || vt massa
master n (expert; title of respect) magistro || vt (learn thoroughly) edisce
match n (for fire) flammifero
matter n pure
mattress n culcita
mature vi matura
may vt (can) pote; (have right to, be permitted) lice ad uno; (perhaps, maybe) forsan || n May (month) majo
mayor n majore
me prn me
meal n farina; mensa; prandio
mean n by means of per
meanwhile adv interim
measure n mensura
meat n carne
medley n farragine
meek adj humile
meet vt conflue; incide; reuni || n meeting reunione
melt vt funde
menace adj menacing minace
menu n minuta
merchandise n merce
merchant n mercante
mercy n misericordia
mere adj mero
might n vi
mild adj (medicines, diseases) benigno
mile n millia
milk n lacte
million card millione || ord millionth millionesimo
mind n mente
mine n fodina || pos de me
mingle vt misce
minimum n minimo
minus prep minus
mirror n speculo
misfortune n infortunio
mix vt misce
mobile adj (capable of movement) mobile
mode n modo
moist adj madido
Monday n lunadie
money n denario
monkey n simia
month n mense
mood n modo
moon n luna; new moon novilunio
more adv magis; plus; more...than plus...quam; moreover praeterea
morning n mane
most adv maximo
mother n matre
motion n motu
mouth n bucca; ore
move n movable mobile
Mr. n (short for Mister) domino
Mrs. n (short for Mistress) domina
much adv multo; not much pauco; too much nimis || adj multo
mud n limo
mushroom n fungo
must vt debe
mute adj muto
my pos meo || prn myself me ipso


name n nomine || vt (say the name of) nomina || adj named nominato
napkin n mantele
narrow adj angusto; stricto
near adj prope; proximo || vi draw near appropinqua || prep apud; juxta
necessary adj to be necessary oporte
neck n collo; necktie fascia (de collo); focale
need vt necessita || n needs necesse
needle n acu
negate vt nega
neighbor n vicino || adj neighboring vicino
neither conj neither...nor neque...nec || prn neutro
nephew n nepote
net n rete
neuter adj neutro
never cor nunquam || adv nevertheless tamen
new adj novo || n news notitias
next adj next to juxta
niece n nepote
night n nocte
nine card novem; ninety nonaginta || ord ninetieth nonagesimo; ninth nono
no inter minimo; non; nullo modo || cor no one nemine; nobody nemine; no way in nullo modo; not one nullo; nowhere nusquam
noise n rumore
nominate vt nomina
noon n meridie
nose n naso
not adv ne; non; is it not? non?
note n nota
nothing cor nihil
notify vt notifica
noun n nomine
novel n novelty novitate
now adv nunc
nozzle n (spray) naso; rostro
nurse vt nutri
nurture vt nutri
nut n nuce
nutriment n nutrimento


oak n quercu
oat n avena
obscure adj obscuro
obtain vt obtine || adj obtained obtento
occasion n (instance, circumstance, time) vice
occur vi (happen) incide
odor adj odorless inodoro
of prep (agent, authorship) ab; (concerning) ab; (origin, derivation, starting point) de; (out of) ex; (possession) de; of late nuper
off prep ab
offend adj offended offenso
offer vt objice; praebe
office n (place) officina
offshoot n ramo
often adv saepe
oh! inter o!
oil n oleo
old adj (former) priore; (not new, of long standing) vetere; (not young, having long existed) sena; old age senectute
on prep super
once adv olim; semel; uno vice; at once mox; statim; subito; once upon a time olim
one card uno; one by one singulo; uno per uno || prn uno; one's self se ipso
only adv not only...but also non solo...sed etiam
open vt aperi || adj aperto
opera n opera
operate vt (control the functioning of) opera || n operation opere
or conj aut; or not? annon?
orate vi ora || n oration oratione
order vt jube || prep in order to ut
origin n provenientia || vi originate nasce; ori
ostrich n struthione
other adj alio
our pos nostro; ours de nos || prn ourselves nos ipso
out prep get out! apage!; out of ex; outside extra || adv outside foris
oven n caldario; furno
over prep super
overtake vt conseque; superveni
owe vt debe
owl n bubone
own adj proprio
ox n (castrated bull) bove


pack n package fasce; pacco || vt collige
pain n dolore
paint adj painted picto
pair n paria
palate n (roof of the mouth) palato
paper n charta
parchment n pergamena
pardon vt condona
parent n genitore
partner n socio
pass vi percurre || n passer-by praetereunte; transeunte || adj passed praeterito
passenger n (traveller) viatore
past n praeterito || prep praeter
pavement n pavimento
pay vt (a bill, debt, etc.) paca; (make a payment of) paca; (someone) paca || n payment (thing paid) pacamento || adj payable pacabile
pea n piso
peace n pace
peach n persica
peacock n pavone
pear n piro
peel n cortice; pelle
peer n pari
pencil n graphio; stalk; stilo
penultimate adj paenultimo
people n gente; populo
pepper n pipere
perceive vt intellige; percipe; senti
percussion n percussione
perfect vt perfice
perform vt effice
perhaps adv forsan
peril n periculo
perish vi peri
permit vt pate
perspire n perspiration sudore
pertain vi pertine
pharmacy n pharmacist pharmacopola
physician n medico
pile n massa; (elec, atomic) pilo
pillar n pilo
pillow n pulvino
pin n pinna
pine n (tree) pino
pineapple n ananas
pious adj pio
pipe n tubo
pit n puteo; (cavity) cavo; (dug out) fossa; (hole) puteo
pitch vt (a tent) stabili
pitfall n fovea
pity n misericordia || vt compate
pivot vt (change direction, facing) verte; (on a connected axis) gyro
place n loco || vt pone || adj placed sito
plaintive adj flebile
plan vt projice
plane n plano
plant n planting satione
plate n (for food) plato; (soup plate) scutella
play vt (a role) lude; (game, sport) lude || n ludo
pleasant adj amœno; placente
please vt place || adj pleased contento
pleasure n gaudio; jucunditate; libito; voluntate
plenty adj satis
plough n aratro || vt ara
pluck vt velle
plus prep plus
pocket n sacculo
poet n vate
poison vt venena
Poland n Pole polono
pole n palo
police n policeman vigile
polish vt terge
polite adj civile
ponderous adj ponderoso
pool n palude
poor adj misero
pope n papa
populace n vulgo
porter n bajulo
possess vt posside
post n postage stamp atele
potato n solano
potent adj potente
pottery n fictilia
pour vt funde; versa
power n potestate || adj powerful potente
praise vt suffla
pray vt preca
precede adj preceding priore
prefer adv preferably potius
prepare vt para
present vt praesenta || adj to be present ades
preserve vt parce; respice
press vt preme
presume vt suppone
prevent vt obsta
previous adv previously antea
price n pretio
prick adj prickly spinoso
principle n principio
print n printer impressore || adj printed impresso
prior adj priore
product n by-product paraproducto
profit n reddito
progenitor n progenitore
progress vi progrede
project vt projice
prompt adj prompto || vt instiga
property n personal property mobile
prove vt proba
provide n provisions cibo
pull vt trahe
pulsate vi pulsa
punch vt ice
pupil n scholare
purchase n emptione
pus n pure
push vt pelle; preme || vi push on progrede
put vt pone; put in order ordina || adj posito


quadruple adj quadruplo; quadruplicate quadruplo
quash vt quassa
queen n regina
querry vt quaere
question n quaesito
quick adj celere; veloce
quinine n quina
quiver vi (shake) treme
quote vt cita


rabble n vulgo
rabid adj rabido
race n stirpe
rail n lira; railroad ferrovia
rain n pluvia || vt plue
raise vt releva; subleva
rate n rata
rather adv potius; (preference) magis
ratio n ratione
ravish vt rape
raw adj crudo; rude
read vt lege || n reader lectore
ready adj prompto
reap vt mete || n reaper messore
rear vt (feed and support) ale
reason n (faculty) ratione
recall vt recorda
receive vt recipe || n receipt quietantia; receptione; receiption receptione
recent adv recently nuper
reckon vt (the amount of) puta
recollect n recordatione recordatione
record vt recorda
red adj rubro
reduce vt minue
reed n canna
refuse vt recusa || n relicto
region n loco
regret vt dole; plora || adj regretful dolente
regular adj usitato
reign n regno
rejoice vi gaude; jubila
relate vi memora || adj related conjuncto; consanguineo
release vt expedi
relic n reliquia
relieve vt (tension, strain, etc.) releva
relinquish vt relinque || adj relinquished relicto
rely n reliance fiducia
remain vi dura; mane; permane; remane; resta || n remainder reliquo; remains reliquia || adj remaining cetero
remark adj remarkable mirando
remember vt (mark and keep in mind) recorda || n remembrance recordatione
remove vt (move away) tolle; (take away, do away with) exue
renounce vt renuntia
rent vt (something to someone) loca || n (payment) reddito
repair vt sana
repast n cibo
repeat adv repeatedly iterum
reply n responso
reproach vt reproba
reprove vt reproba
request vt pete
rescue vt salva
resent vt indigna
reserve adj reserved saltem
reside vi dege
residue n residuo
resist vt resta
resort vi recurre
respect vt respice; vere
respond vt responde || n responso
rest vi quiesce || adj restless inquieto
restore vt restitue
result vi conseque
retain vt retine
retard vt retarda
retrieve vt restitue
return vi (come back) reveni || vt (give back) redde; return thanks agere gratias || n reversione; returns reddito || adj returned (given back) reddito; (gone back) reduce
reunion n reunione
review vt revide
revise vt revide
revolve vi rota; volve
rice n oryza
rich adj locupleto || n riches divitia
rid adj to get rid of exue
right adj recto; at the right dextero
rind n cortice
ring n anello; circulo || vi sona
rise vi surge
risk n periculo
river n fluvio
road n via
roast n tosto
rock n (boulder) rupe
rod n palo; virga
roof n tecto
room n camera; bathroom balneo
root n radice
rotate vi rota
rotund adj rotundo
round adj rotundo || n vice
roundabout adj prope
route n trajectu
row n rowing remigatione
royal n royalty reddito
rub vt frica
rubric adj rubro
rude adj rude
rug n tapete
rule vt guberna; rege; regula || n regno; regula; ruler regula
rumor n rumore
run vi curre || n cursu
Russia n Russian russia
rye n secale


sad adj dolente; triste || vt sadden contrista
safe adj securo; tuto || adv safely tuto
sale n salesman venditore
salt n sale
salute vt saluta
same adj idem
sample n specimine
sane n sanity sanitate
sap n suco
satiate vt satia
Saturday n sabbato; saturnodie
sausage n luganica
savage adj truce
save vt salva || adj saved saltem
say vt dic
scale n (of fish, etc.) squama
scarce adv scarcely vix
scatter vt sparge
schedule n horario
scholar n scholare
school n schola
scoria n scoria
scorn vt contemne
screen vt (hide, conceal) occulta
scrub vt terge
sea n mari || adj seagreen glauco
seam n sutura
season n (of year) satione
seat n sede; sedile
second ord secundo
secret adv secretly clam
secure adj securo; tuto || n security cautela
see vt vide || adj seen viso
seed n semine
seek vt quaere
seize vt sume
select vt selige
self n ipso
sell n seller venditore
semen n semine
send vt manda; mitte || adj sent misso
sense adj senseless (foolish) stulto
serious adj (earnest, sincere, not joking) grave; (weighty, not trifling) grave
serum n sero
serve vt servi
set vt set up erige
settle vt stabili
seven card septem; seventy septuaginta || ord seventh septimo; seventieth septuagesimo
several adj (indef amount) aliquanto; (more than one) nonnullo; plure
sew n sewing sutura
shade n umbra || vt umbra
shaft n puteo
shake vt quassa
sharp n sharpness acie
shave vt rade
she prn illa; illo
shed vt versa
sheep n ove
sheet n linteolo
shelf n tabula
shell n (outer part) extero
shine vi splende
ship n nave; shipwrecked person naufrago
shirk vt evita
shirt n camisia
shock n percussione
shoe n calceo; shoemaker sutore
shop n negotio
shore n litore
short adj (brief) breve; (length) curto
shoulder n humero; shoulder blade scapula
shovel n pala
show vt monstra
shrewd adj versuto
shun vt evita
shutter n obturatore
sick adj aegro; infirmo || n sickness infirmitate
side n latere; this side of cis
sideboard n armario
sight n visu
sign vt indica
silent adj be silent tace
silex n silice
silica n silice
silk n seta; silkworm bombyce
silly adj stulto
silver n argento
simplex adj simplice
simultaneous adj simultaneously simul
since prep deinde
sing vt canta
single adj singulo; (sole) solo
sister n sorore
sit vi sede; sit down conside || adj sitting sedente
situate adj situated posito
six card sex; sixty sexaginta || ord sixth sexto; sixtieth sexagesimo
sketch n designo
skin n pelle
skirt n lacinia; talaria
sky n caelo; cœlo; skyscraper caelorasore
slag n scoria
slay vt trucida
sleep vi dormi
sleeve n manica
slow adj lento
small adj parvo
smell vi (emit odor) odora || vt (perceive odor) olfactu
smelt vt funde
smile vi arride
smoke vt (cigar, etc.) fuma
snatch vt velle
snow n nive || vi ninge
so adv ergo; ita; sic; tam; not so non ita; so much the tanto
soak adj soaked madido
soap n sapone
sock n socculo
soft adj molle
soil n solo
soldier n milite
sole n solea
solve adj solved soluto
some cor (unknown or unspecified by name) aliquo; (unspecified number or quantity) aliquanto; some amount aliquanto; aliquot; someone aliquo; sometime aliquando; interdum; somewhat aliquid
son n filio
sorry adj dolente
soul n anima
sound vi sona || n sono
soup n jusculo
sour n souring satione
sovereign n sovereignty potestate
sow vt (a seed, etc.) semina
space n spatio
spare vt parce
spark n scintilla
sparrow n passere
speak vt loque || adj spoken locuto
specimen n specimine
speech n oratione
spell n (enchantment) sor o
spigot n obturatore
split n fissura
spoon n cochleare
spread vt diffunde; sparge
spring n springtime ver || vi (originate) ori
sprinkle vt (wet with any liquid) consperge
square n quadrato
staff n palo
stake n palo
stand vi sta
star n astro; stella
stare vt stare at specta
state n (pol) regno
station n stationer chartario
stay vi sta
stead n vice
steam n steamboat pyroscapho; steamship pyronave
steel n aciario
step n passu; (of stairs) scala || vt take steps to ingrede
steward n (on ship, plane) dapifero
stick n baculo
still adv tamen
stocking n socculo
stone n (material substance) petra; (pebble) lapillo; saxo; (piece of rock) lapide; saxo
stool n scamno; sedile
stop vt siste
store n (shop) negotio; store room cella
storm n procella
stove n caldario; furno
straight adj recto
strain vt tende
straw n palea
street n strata
stress n lay stress on insta
stretch vt (lengthen as from strain) tende
strike vt feri
strong adj forte
structure n superstructure opere
struggle vi pugna || n lucta
stuff vt (fill) farci
stupid adj stulto
style n stilo
such cor tale; such as quale
suck vt suge
sugar n saccharo
suggest vt suggere
summer n aestate
summit n summo; vertice
sun n sol
Sunday n soldie
sunflower n heliantho
super adj supra
superior adj superiore
superstructure n opere
supper n cena; quarto prandio
supply vt praebe; (make up for what is lacking in) supple
support n supporter fautore
suppose vt suppone
supress vt supprime
sure adj certo || adv surely vero
surmount vt supera
surpass vt supera
surplus n reliquo
surprise vt stupefac; be surprised stupe
surround vt circui; circumda
suspect vt suspice
suture n sutura
swallow n hirundine || vt gluti
swamp n palude
sweat n sudore
sweet adj dulce
swift adj veloce
swim vi nata
sympathy vi sympathize with compate


table n (furniture) mensa; tabula; (list) tabella; tablecloth mantele; mappa
tadpole n ranunculo
tailor n sartore
take vt prehende; take off (clothes) devesti
talent n ingenio
talk vt talk over discute
tall adj alto
tame vt (domesticate) domita
task n opera
taste vt gusta || n gustu
tax n (amount owed) imposito
taxi n taxabehiculo; taxametro
teach vt (educate) doce || n teacher magistro
tear n lacrima
tempt vt tenta
ten card decem || fract tenth decimo
tenant n (of a house) inquilio
tense n tempore
tent n tentorio
term n tempore
test vt proba
than conj quam
thank vt agere gratias || n thanks gratias || inter thanks! gratias!
that cor eo; illo; that one illo; that which illo || conj que
their pos suo || prn theirselves se
then cor interea; tunc || adv ita
thence adv inde
there cor eo; ibi; therefore ergo; itaque
thesaurus n thesauro
they prn illos; uno; (female) illas
thick adj spisso; (large depth) crasso
thin adj (thin and long) tenue
thing n re
think vt cogita; pensa; puta
third ord tertio || fract uno tertio
thirst n siti
thirteen card decem-tres || ord thirteenth decimo-tertio
thirty card triginta || ord thirtieth trigesimo
this cor ce; hoc; isto
thorax n thorace
thorn n thorny spinoso
thou prn te
though conj etsi; quamvis
thousand card mille || ord thousandth millesimo
thread n filo
threaten adj threatening minace
three card tres; three by three tres per tres; trino
threshold n limine
thrice adv ter; tres vice
thrill vt incende
through prep go through percurre
throw vt jacta; throw forth projice
thumb n pollice
thunder vi tona
Thursday n jovedie
thus cor ita; sic
thwart vt impedi
thy pos tuo; thine de te
ticket n tessera
tight adj angusto
timber n ligno
time n tempore; vice; how many times? quotiens?; time-table horario; to spend time dege
tin n stanno
tip n (donation) donation
tire adj tired lasso
to prep ad; (as far as) usque; (toward) verso; today hodie
toast adj toasted tosto
today adv hodie
tomb n tombstone lapide
tomorrow adv cras
tongue n lingua
tooth n dente
top n summo
touch vt tange || n (sense) tactu
toward prep ad; erga; verso
towel n linteo
tower n turre
town n civitate; urbe
tract n loco; tractu
trade n trader commerciante
train n trahino
trajectory n trajectu
translate vt verte || n translation traductione
transmit adj transmitted transmisso
transport vt (by vehicle) vehe || adj transported vecto
trap n fovea
travel vi itinera || n traveller viatore
treasure n thesauro
treble adj triplo
tremble vi treme
trip n itinere || vi labe
trousers n braca
trout n tructa
true adj vero || adv truly quidem; vere
trumpet n bucina; tromba
try vt cona; tenta
tub n tina
tube n tubo
Tuesday n martedie
tug vt trahe
tunic n tunica
turn vt (change direction, facing) verte; (change) muta || vi (on a connected axis) gyro
twelve card decem-duo || ord twelfth decimo-secundo
twenty card viginti || ord twentieth vigesimo
twice adv bis; duo vice
twig n virga
twinkle vi mica
twist vt torque
two card duo; two by two bino; duo per duo


ugly adj turpe
umbrella n umbella
uncertain adj vago
uncle n avunculo
under n sub
underling n inferiore
underpants n sub-bracas
understand vt intellige; percipe
undertake vt interprehende
uneasy adj inquieto
unfavorable adj infausto
unfounded adj ficto
union n unione
unknown adj ignoto
unless conj nisi; si ne
unreal adj irreale
unripe adj crudo
until prep (as far as) usque
unwieldy adj ponderoso
up prep get up surge; go up sali; up to (until) donec
upholster vt farci; operi || adj upholstered operto
upper adj upper supero
urge vt instiga; preme; urge || adj urgent urge
use vt ute || adj useful utile; useless inutile
usual adj usitato


vacuum n vacuum-cleaner vacuo
vague adj vago
valve n valvula
vanish vi evanesce
vanquish vt vince || adj vanquished victo
varied adj (diverse) diverso
veal n vitulo (carne de)
vehicle n vehiculo
velvet n velluto
verb n verbo
versatile adj versuto
vertex n vertice
very adv maximo; multo; valde || adj vere
vest n thorace
view n vista; visu
vigil n vigilia
vile adj vile
village n pago; vico
vine n vineyard vinea
violent n violence vi
virtue n by virtue of ex
visage n vultu
vision n acie
vocal adj vocale
voice n voce
vowel n vocale


wagon n carro
wait vt wait for attende; expecta || n waiter dapifero
waitress n ancilla
walk vi ambula; grade
wall n muro; pariete
wand n virga
war n bello
warm adj calido || vt calefac
wash vt lava
watch n horologio; watchmaker horologiario
water n aqua; waterfall cataracta || adj waterproof impermeabile
wave n unda
we prn nos
weak adj debile
wealth adj wealthy locupleto
wear vt (clothes) gere; vesti || adj weary lasso
weather n statu de caelo; tempore
weave vt texe
web n tela
Wednesday n mercuriodie
week n hebdomade; septimana
weep vi fle; plange || n plora
weigh vt pensa
weight n pondere || adj weighty ponderoso
well adv bene; well said benedicto || n puteo
whale n balaena
what cor que
wheat n frumento
wheel n rota
when cor quando
whence adv unde
where cor ubi
whereat conj apud que
whether conj an; utro?
which cor quale; que; (of two) utro; (referirng to entire previous clause) quod
while adv dum
white adj albo
who cor qui
whole adj (of one thing) toto || adv wholly toto
whom cor quem
why cor quare; quid; why not quin
wide adj lato
widow n viduo
wife n marita; muliere; sponsa; uxore
wild adj silvatico
will vt (future tense) in futuro || n voluntate || adv willingly libenter
win vt (contract, order) obtine
wind vt torque
wind n vento
window n fenestra; window sill limine
wine n vino
wing n ala
winter n hieme
wise adj sapiente
wish vt vol
with prep cum; within intra; without sine
witness n teste
woe inter vae!
wolf n lupo
woman n muliere
wonder adj wonderful mirabile
wood n ligno; (forest) silva; wood-sorrel oxalis
woof n (weaving) trama
wool n lana
word n verbo; vocabulo
work vi labora; opera || vt (control the functioning of, run the affairs of) opera || n worker operario
world n mundo
worm n verme
worry vt turba
worst adj pejore; pessimo
worth n valore || adj be worth vale; worthy digno
wound vt feri
wrap vt wrap around involve
wreath n corona
wretch n misero
write vt scribe || adj written scripto


yacht n phaselo
yard n (enclosed courtyard) area (de domo)
ye prn vos
yea inter (hurrah!) io!
year n anno
yellow adj citrino; flavo
yes inter certo; etiam; ita; ita vero
yesterday adv heri
yet adv (already) jam; (however) sed; tamen; as yet adhuc; not yet nondum
yield vt (give way) cede
yoke n (bondage) jugo
yore n of yore olim
you prn vos; (plural) vos
young adj juvene
your pos (plural) vestro; yours de vos || prn yourselves (plural) vos
youth n (person) juvene


zither n cithara