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Glosa Education Organizaton

Glosa Education Organizaton
P. O. Box 18
Surrey TW9 2AU

registered charity number 298237

"Glosa Education Organizaton promotes the teaching of Glosa as a second language in schools world-wide. It also emphasizes that besides being an efficient means of international communication, Glosa offers advantages to general education."

Glosa characteristics

GLOSA is an artificial language intended for use among people with different native, cultural, or national languages. It is an auxiliary language and has no purpose of supplanting or replacing any other languages. Its purpose is only to be a common means of communication for people of different languages.

Glosa has several distinguishing characteristics:

  1. Its structure is very simple and based on semantics. It is an analytical language with no inflexions, genders, or diacritical marks. Glosa does have ways of forming plurals, tenses, questions, etc., similar to Chinese and Malay, which use a word for each idea -- these languages have no inflections. A small number of words handle grammatical relationships not otherwise provided for. Many Glosa words can serve as more than one part of speech as meaning and common sense allow.
  2. Glosa words are based on Latin and Greek roots common to the chief Euro-languages; via science, technology, and medicine, these words are penetrating all languages. Although a larger vocabulary is available, a base vocabulary of between 1000 and 2000 words handles most situations.
  3. Its pronunciation is simple and regular, and its spelling is phonetic.
  4. Above all, Glosa is neutral. Because it is no one's own language, it is available to everyone without jealousy or resentment over the dominance of any one or a few national languages. Its use of Latin and Greek roots, many of which are already in widespread use, gives it internationality.

Some rules

Alphabet, spelling, pronounciation

Written Glosa uses the unaccented 26-letter Latin alphabet.

Spelling is phonetic: pronounce every letter;
double letters in source-words reduce to single letters;
Greek CH replaced by K, PH by F, RH by R, TH by T, Y by I.

Pronounce vowels as in these English words: fAther, cafE, machIne, mOre, lUnar
(English speakers should take care not to slur, reduce, or diphthongize vowels.)
Vowel pairs: pronounce the vowels separately.

Pronounce consonants as in English except:

C always as CH in CHurCH;
G always hard as in Go;
J as the Y in Yes;
Q as QU in QUick;
R always sounded, trilled if possible;
SC as the "sh" sound in neSCience.

Place stress gently on the vowel before the last consonant.


Colon precedes items of a list;
Comma separates list items from each other; it also occurs after a vocative expression.
Semicolon separates principal and subordinate clauses; a clause is a group of words containing a finite verb.
Hyphen joins words closely associated semantically.

Word order

for accurate, easy, and quick understanding should be:

Subject (with accompanying adjectival and modifying cluster), Negative if required, Modal Verb, Main Verb, Indirect Object, and Direct Object. This order is preserved in Subordinate Clauses.

Nouns, names, idioms, help

"U(n)" and "plu" serve primarily as nouns markers when the sense is not otherwise clear. They are not necessary (but are permissible) after a preposition.

Use genus name for plants and animals. When possible, use local geographical names.

Do not translate idioms literally word for word; express in clear, unidiomatic Glosa.


Glosa Mechanics (sample statements)

        u feli                     A cat, the cat 
        plu feli; poli feli        Cats; many cats
        tri feli                   Three cats
        u feli tri                 The third cat
        u-ci feli; u-la feli       This cat; that cat
        plu-ci feli, plu-la feli   These cats; those cats
        Fe ki ad urba.             She goes to town.
        Fe nu ki ad urba.          She is now going to town.
        Fe fu ki ad urba.          She will go to town.
        Fe pa ki ad urba.          She went/did go to town.
        Fe pa du ki ad urba.       She was going to town.
        Fe fu du ki ad urba.       She will be going to town.
        Fe nu pa ki ad urba.       She has just gone to town.
        Fe nu fu ki ad urba.       She is just going to go/is about to go ...
        Fe pa more ki ad urba.     She used to go/habitually went to town.
        Fe ne sio ki ad urba.      She wouldn't go to town.
        Lase na ki ad urba.        Let's go to town.
        Lase fe ki ad urba.        Let her go to town.
        Si fe ki ad urba, ...      If she go to town, ...
        Fe sio ki ad urba, ...     She would go to town, ...
        Qe fe ki ad urba?          Is she going to town?
        Qe tu pote ki ad urba?     Can you/are you able to go to town?
        Qo acide?                  What is happening?
        Tu pa vide qo-pe?          Whom did you see?
        Qo-ka fe pa ki ad urba?    Why did she go to town?
        Fe fu posi ki ad urba.     She might go to town.
        gene u feli                Get a cat
        ge-lose feli               Lost cat
        Id frakti; id pa frakti.   It is breaking; it broke.
        Id pa gene frakti.         It got broken.
        Id es ge-frakti.           It is broken.
        lave se                    Wash oneself
        Mi auto pa vide id.        I myself saw it.
        ma; maxi                   more/-er; most/-est
        mei; mini                  less; least
        u andro; qi ...            The man who ...
        u feli; qi ...             The cat which ...
        Opposites with NO-:
            gravi; no-gravi        heavy; light
        Negation with NE-:
            frigi; ne-frigi        cold; not cold (not necessarily hot)
        Tu feno sani.              You look well.
        An feno no-sani.           He looks ill.
        Tu pa gene nati di okto,   You were born on the eighth of May.
            meno pento.
        Mi gene sko de Deutsch.    I am learning German.
        Fe sti fobo mi.            She frightens me.
        Na nece sti logi u demo.   We must make people understand.
        Fe habe dek anua.          She is ten years old.
        An nima es George.         His name is George.
        Place.  Gratia.  Penite.   Please.  Thank you.  Sorry.
        Qo-lo tu eko?              Where do you live?
        Qo es tu eko-lo?           ...
        Qe tu gene sko de Glosa?   Are you learning Glosa?
        retro tri meno             Three months ago
        iso mega de                as big as
        di-mo                      Sunday
        di-bi                      Monday
        Qo horo?  Id es pen horo.  What time is it?  It's 5 o'clock.
        Nona minuta po tri horo    9 minutes past 3
        bi-pen minuta pre six horo 25 minutes to 6
        Na pa ki a Roma tem        We went to Rome in March. 
           meno tri.
        medika-pe                  medical doctor
        medika-fe                  female medical doctor
        medika-an                  male medical doctor
        France-lingua              French (language)

Further examples

    Hullo!  Please!  Thank you!             Ave!  Place!  Gratia!
    Congratulations!  Goodbye!              Gratula!  Vale!
    Thank you for your letter.              Gratia de tu grama.
    Excuse me!  Sorry!  Look out!           Pardo!  Penite!  Kura!
    Help me!  They help each other.         Auxi mi!  Mu auxi alelo.
    The engine is working well.             U makina funktio bene.
    Out of order!  Cant find the fault.     No-funktio!  Ne pote detekti u
    Think hard!  You ought to help her.     Kogita!  Tu debi auxi fe.
    She can walk.  Can she walk?            Fe pote gresi.  Qe fe pote gresi?
    He was able to run and jump.            An pa pote dromo e salta.
    Can they jump?                          Qe mu pote salta?
    She was singing; when he came.          Fe pa du kanta; kron an pa veni.
    She has just sat down.                  Fe nu-pa sedi.
    What's going on?  What did you see?     Qo acide?  Tu pa vide qo?
    Why (what CAuse) did it happen?         Qo-ka id pa acide?
    Why (what inTEntion) did he go?         Qo-te an pa ki?
    I know what she's thinking.             Mi ski; qod fe puta.
    I wonder whether she will go.           Mi qestio se; qe fe fu ki.
    The man you saw last week.              Un andro; tu pa vide pa setimana.
    The woman; who is going round the       U gina; qi ki peri gono; es
      corner; is my neighbor.                 mi para-fe.
    I saw her.  She saw mi.                 Mi pa vide fe.  Fe pa vide mi.
    My books are on the table.              Mi plu bibli es epi tabla.
    They spoke at the same moment.          Mu pa dice iso-kron.
    He lived during the 19th century.       An pa vive tem hekto-anua mo-nona.
    She lives in a German town.             Fe eko in deutsche urba.
    However she likes living in the         Anti-co fe amo eko in rura.
    Worker, Inhabitant, Supporter, Lover    Ergo-pe. In-pe. Pro-pe. Filo-pe.
    Place.  Constituency.  Plateau.         Loka = -lo.  Elekti-lo.  Plati-lo
    Everywhere.  Somewhere.  Nowhere.       Panto-lo.  Uno-lo.  Nuli-lo.
    You look well.  Apparently she cant     Tu feno sani.  Feno, fe ne pote
      come                                    veni.
    Its breaking.  Got broken.  Broken.     Id frakti.  Pa gene frakti.
    Who saw you?  Whom did you see?         Qo-pe pa vide tu[?]  Tu pa vide
    In-spite-of the fine weather,           Anti kali klima
      we stayed indoors.  Outdoors.           na pa resta intra.  Extra.
    Thing.  Something.  Anything. Nothing.  Ra.  Uno-ra.  Ali-ra.  Nuli-ra.
    They say; its only a rumor.             Mu dice; id es solo u mu-dice.
    Where do you live?  Near or far?        Tu eko qo-lo?  Proxi alo tele?
    He understands.  He doesn't u.          An logi.  An ne logi.
    Does he understand?                     Qe an logi?
    Swit[c]h on / switch off the lamp.      Sti / sto u lampa.
    She made me laugh.                      Fe pa sti ridi mi.
    I couldnt help laughing.                Mi ne pa pote ne ridi.
    She's just gone out.                    Fe nu-pa ki ex.
    I'm just going away.                    Mi nu-fu ki ab.
    Upwards.  Downwards.                    Ana.  Kata.
    Head over heels, upside down.           Ana kata.
    Forwards and backwards.                 Avanti e retro.
    Two single tickets, please.             Bi bileta ab, place.
    Three returns, please.  Thank you.      Tri versi bile[ta], place.
    I go to London by car.                  Mi vagona a London.
    She goes by train.  I walk.             Fe trena.  Mi pedi.
    This = the-here.  That = the-there.     U-ci.  U-la.
    This tree is higher than that           U-ci dendro es ma alti de u-la.
    Road way.  Pavement [US: sidewalk].     Rota-via.  Pedi-via.  Kanali.
    Vacuum cleaner.  Computer.              Puri-me.  Puta-me.
    The doctor examined the patient.        U iatri pa examina u pato-pe.
    He was examined by the doctor.          An pa gene examina ex iatri.
    It got hot.  It got cooled in the       Id pa gene termo.  Id pa gene frigi
      refrigerator.                           in frigi-me.
    Steam engine.  Printing press.          Vapo-me.  Tipo-me.
    Book-case.  Writing-desk.               Bibli-mo(bili).  Grafo-mo.
    MA-terial, stuff.  Beverage.            Materia, -ma.  Bibe-ma.
    Mineral.  Sediment.  Ingredient.        Geo-ma.  Infra-ma.  Mero-ma.
    Food.  Raw ma-terial.  Scum.            Vora-ma.  Proto-ma.  Supra-ma.
    Extinct animals.  Extant plants.        Plu pre-nu zoa.  Plu nu fito.
    I must go.  I had to go.                Mi nece ki.  Mi pa nece ki.
    I shall have to go.                     Mi fu nece ki.
    She ought to go.                        Fe debi ki.
    She ought to have gone.                 Fe pa debi ki.
    I reckon, believe, opine, doubt.        Mi puta, kredi. doxo, dubi.
    I'll keep this.  Keep it hot.           Mi fu tena u-ci.  Tena id termo.
    Careful!  Dont fall!                    Kura!  Ne kade!
    Mother-in-law.  Aunt.                   Andro-matri/Gina-matri.  Parenta sorori.

Vocabulary Glosa-English

The word lists below are not further maintained. Please prefer the lists of GID for the words.


a(d)         towards, at              
ab           away, sent
abbey        abe
abili        able to be
academi      academy 
acide        happen 
adapta       adapt 
adeno        gland 
adi          add 
adverbi      adverb 
aero         air 
aerodroma    aerodrome, airport 
aeroplana    airplane, aeroplane 
afro         foam 
age          drive 
agenti       agent 
agri         field 
agrio        wild  
akidi        acid 
akorda       agree 
akorda-co    accordingly 
akro         top, tip 
akti         act, do, behave 
aktivi       busy 
aku          nail, needle 
akusti       hear 
akuto        sharp 
ala          wing 
albi         white 
album        album 
alelo        each other 
alexi        defend 
alfabeti     alphabet 
alga         alga 
algo         pain 
ali          any 
ali-kron     whenever 
ali-pe       whoever 
ali-ra       whatever, whichever 
aliena       foreign 
aligatora    alligator 
alo          or 
also         plus, ko-co 
alterna      alternate 
alti         high 
ambasadora   ambassador 
ambi         both 
ambienta     environment 
ambula       amble 
ami          friend 
amigda       almond 
amila        starch 
amo          love, like 
amorfo       lump 
amplexi      embrace 
amusa        amuse 
an           he, him, his 
an-regi      king 
ana          upwards 
anas         duck 
andro        man, husband 
animali      animal 
animo        mind 
ankora       anchor 
anseri       goose 
antarktika   antarctic 
ante         front, in front, ahead 
antena       antenna 
anti         against 
anti-co      however, nevertheless 
anto         flower 
anua         year 
aperi        open 
apis         bee 
aplika       apply 
apo          remove 
apreci       appreciate 
aqa          water 
ara          plough, plow 
aranea       spider 
arca         arch 
area         area, region 
arena        sand 
argenti      silver 
aritmetika   arithmetic 
arka         arc 
arkeo        ancient 
arki         chief, authority 
arktika      arctic 
arma         weapon 
arme         army 
aroga        arrogant 
arti         art 
artikla      article 
artikula     joint 
artisti      artist 
artro        joint 
asila        safe place 
asinus       donkey, ass 
aspekti      aspect 
asocia       association 
astro        star 
asume        assume 
ateli        stamp (postage) 
atende       wait 
atitudi      mood 
atleti       athlete 
atria        hall, cavity 
audi         hear 
auri         ear 
aurora       dawn 
austra       south 
auto         self, own 
auto-lauda   proud 
automati     automatic 
auxi         help 
avanti       forward 
avari        greedy 
avena        oats 
avi          bird 
axi          axis, axle 


babi         baby 
baci         rod, stick, bar 
baia         bay 
baka         berry 
bale         ballet 
bali         throw 
balkoni      balcony 
balno        bath, bathe 
baluna       balloon 
bambu        bamboo 
banana       banana 
banda        tape, band 
bang         bang 
banka        bank 
bapti        dip 
bara         bar 
barbaro      barbarous 
barira       barrier 
baro         press 
baroni       baron 
basi         grounds 
baso         base, low 
bata         bat 
bate         hit, strike, knock, beat 
bateri       battery 
benca        bench 
bene         well 
benzina      petrol, gasoline 
besboli      baseball 
bi           two 
bibe         drink 
bibli        book 
bileta       ticket 
bio          life 
bira         beer 
birota       bicycle 
biskokta     wafer 
blada        blade 
blasto       bud 
blasto-tem   spring 
bloka        log 
blonda       blond 
bo (-bo)     shop 
bola         ball 
bombasti     boast 
bombus       bumblebee 
boni         good 
boni-fortuna lucky, good-luck 
boreo        north 
boreo-me     compass 
boteka       shop 
botilia      bottle 
botina       boot 
bovi         ox, cow/cattle 
braki        arm 
brasika      cabbage 
brevi        short 
brika        brick 
brio         moss 
bronto       thunder 
brosa        brush 
bruno        brown 
buka         cheek, buccal 
bulbo        bulb 
buleta       bullet 
buli         boil 
bungalo      bungalow 
buno         hill 
burgo        borough 
buro         office 
bursa        purse, bourse 
busa         bus 
busti        burn 
buta         aim, butt 
butiri       butter 
butona       button 
buz          buzz 


carta        map, chart 
casa         chase, hunt 
cede         yield, cede 
cek          cheque, check 
celebra      celebrate 
celu         cell 
centi        hundred 
centra       centre, center 
cepa         onion 
cepti        accept 
cereali      cearals 
cerebra      brain 
cerka        search, circling 
certa (u-)   certain (a) 
certifi      certified 
ceru         wax 
cervika      neck 
ci           here 
ciano        blue 
cide         kill 
cigni        swan 
ciklo        wheel, cycle 
cilia        eyelash 
cinera       ashes 
ciri         curl, cirrus 
cirkulatio   traffic 
cirkusta     circumstance 
cisori       scissors 
citri        lemon 
civi         citizen 
civili       courteous 
civiliza     civilize 
civita       city 
co           the-just-said 
cokolata     chocolate 


dama         tame 
data         data, fact, news 
datu         date (day) 
daukus       carrot 
de           about, in relation to 
debi         should, ought 
debito       debt 
decide       decide 
deduce       infer 
defekti      defect 
defi         defy, challenge 
deino        terrible 
deka         ten 
deklara      state (to) 
deko         seemly, apt 
delegati     delegate 
delikati     delicate 
demo         people 
demonstra    prove 
dendro       tree 
densi        dense 
denti        tooth 
derma        skin 
deserta      desert 
deskribe     describe 
destru       destroy 
detekti      find 
dextro       right-hand 
di           day 
dia          through 
diaboli      devil 
diali        dial 
dice         say, speak, tell 
difere       differ 
difusi       broadcast 
digi         finger 
digita       finger, toe 
diluti       dilute 
diluvi       flood 
dina         force 
dinamo       power 
diplo        double 
dipso        thirsty 
diptera      fly (insect) 
direkti      direct, direction 
dirigi       direct 
disipa       waste 
disko        disc, disk, plate 
disputa      quarrel, argue 
dista        far, distant 
distribu     distribute 
divi         bet 
divide       divide 
divina       guess 
do (-do)     building, house 
doci         teach 
doci-pe      teacher 
domi         building, house 
domina       dominate, master 
dominio      domain 
dona         give 
dona odoro   smell (emit) 
dorsa        back 
dosie        file 
doxo         opinion, opine 
drama        act 
dromo        run 
du           continuous, -ing 
dubita       doubt 
duce         chief, leader, guide 
dulo         slave 
dura         hard, lasting 
dura feru    steel 
duranto      while, during


e            and 
eduka        educate 
efekti       effect 
eficie       efficient 
egotisti     selfish 
eko          (to) live, (to) house 
elasti       spring 
elefa        elephant 
elekti       choose 
elektro      electric 
elektroni    electronic 
elementa     simple 
emotio       emotion 
enciklopedia encyclopedia 
energi       energy 
enigma       puzzle 
enkefa       brain 
enkontra     meet 
entero       intestines, gut 
epi          on 
eqa          equal 
eqilibri     balance 
equs         horse 
ergo         work 
erinaceus    hedgehog 
eritro       red 
ero          mistake 
es           be, am, is, are 
es de        is of, belongs to 
esce         become 
espio        spy 
est          east 
este         feel, conscious 
este odoro   smell (sense) 
etio         guilty, accusation 
eu           good 
eva          age 
evita        avoid 
evolve       develop 
ex           from, by 
examina      examine 
excesi       too 
excite       excite 
exclude      exclude 
exempla      example 
exercise     exercise 
existe       exist, available 
exkreti      excrete 
expande      get bigger, expand 
expekta      expect 
experi       experience 
experimenta  experiment 
explika      explain 
explode      explode 
extende      extend, spread 
extra        outside 
extra fiska  customs 
extracto     extract


fa (-fa)     group, set 
faba         bean 
face         make 
facia        face 
facili       easy 
fago         eat 
faktora      factor 
faktu        fact 
fali         fail 
falsi        wrong, deceive, fraud 
famili       family 
famina       hungry 
famo         fame, famous 
farina       flour 
faringi      throat 
farmako      drug 
fascina      fascinate, charm 
faski        group, set 
faskina      fascinate 
fatiga       tire 
fatuo        silly, fatuous 
favi         honeycomb 
favo         favor 
fe           she, her 
fe-regi      queen 
feki         excrement 
feli         cat, feline 
felis        cat, feline 
fenestra     window 
feno         seem 
fenu         hay 
fermenta     ferment 
fero         carry 
fertili      fertile 
feru         iron, ferro-, ferrous 
festa        holiday 
fi (-fi)     thread 
fibro        fiber, fibre 
fikti        pretend 
filament     thread 
fili         offspring 
filma        film 
filo         love, philo- 
filtra       filter, filtre 
fini         end, finish 
fiska        tax 
fisa         bellows 
fisu         split, crack 
fito         plant (living) 
fixa         fix, tighten 
fla          blow 
flaci        slack, flaccid 
flagela      whip 
flama        flame 
flasc        flash 
flavoro      flavour, flavor, taste 
flexi        bend 
floka        flake 
flori        flower 
flu          flow 
fluidi       fluid 
fluvi        river 
fo (fo-)     very, intense 
fo-kloro     deep green 
fobo         fear, phobia 
foeni        date (fruit) 
foku         focus, centre, center 
foli         bellows 
folia        leaf 
fonda        background 
fono         sound 
fora         hole 
forma        shape, form 
formika      ant 
formula      formula 
forti        very, intense 
fortuna      chance 
fosi         dig 
foto         light, photo- 
fragma       partition 
frakti       break 
frase        sentence 
fratri       brother 
frea         a well 
freqe        often 
fresko       fresh, ventilation 
fria         crumble 
frigi        cold 
frigi-tem    winter 
frika        rub, friction 
frikti       rub 
fronta       forehead 
fru          enjoy 
frukti       fruit 
frustra      disappoint 
fu           shall, future 
fu pa        shall have 
fu-di        tomorrow 
fugi         run away 
fumi         smoke 
funda        bottom 
fungu        fungus 
fungus       fungus 
funktio      useful 
furka        fork 
furna        stove 
fusi         pour 
fusili       gun 
fusio        fusion 
futuri       future 


gaia         living earth 
galina       chicken 
game         marry 
game-zo      wedding ring 
gania        win 
gasi         gas 
gastro       stomach 
gazeta       periodical 
ge (ge-)     get- 
ge-frakti    broken 
ge-geli      frozen 
gelato       ice cream 
geli         freeze, congeal 
gemini       twin 
gene         get 
generali     general 
geneti       inherit 
gentili      gentle 
genu         knee, kneel 
geo          earth 
gero         old age 
gimno        naked 
gina         woman, wife 
gira         rotate 
glabro       smooth 
glacia       ice 
gladia       sword 
glandi       gland, acorn 
glena        socket 
glisa        slide, glide 
globula      bead 
glosa        tongue, language, Glosa 
gluko        nice, sweet 
gluma        husk, bran, chaff 
glutea       buttocks 
gluto        swallow 
gnata        jaw, beak 
gono         angle, corner 
gosipa       cotton 
gra          grass 
gradu        step, grade 
grafi        draw, write 
grafo        write 
gram-ami     pen-pal 
grama        letter, telegram 
grama-teka   letter box 
grama-ve     envelope 
gramatika    grammar 
gramini      grass 
grandi       grand, noble 
gratia       thanks 
gratia de    thank you for 
gratis       free, without paying 
gratula      congratulate 
gravi        heavy 
gravita      gravity 
grega        herd, flock, party 
gresi        walk 
gru          fit, adapt 
guarda       guard 
guera        war 
gumi         rubber 
gusta        taste 
guta         drop (of liquid) 


habe         have, possess 
habitu       habit, custom 
hedo         happy 
helika       spiral 
helio        sun 
hema         blood 
hemi         half 
hepa         liver 
hesi         sticky 
hesita       hesitate 
hetero       different 
hetero-co    otherwise 
hiao         yawn 
hiberna      winter 
hidro        water 
hierarki     hierarchy 
hieroglifo   hieroglyph 
hiper        over, above 
hipo         under, below 
histo        tissue 
histori      history 
holo         whole 
homari       lobster 
homi         humankind, person 
homini       human 
homo         like 
homo-co      similarly 
honesti      honest 
hordea       barley 
horizo       horizon 
horizonta    horizontal 
horo         hour 
horo-me      clock, watch 
horti        garden 
hospi        guest 
hospita      entertain 
humidi       humid, moist


id           it 
id es        it is, i.e. 
idea         thought, idea 
idio         unique, private, peculiar 
il es        there is, there are 
imagina      imagine 
imbrika      overlap 
impakti      blow, impact 
imperi       empire 
importa      import 
imuni        safe 
in           in 
in-fiska     excise 
indika       point to 
industri     industry 
infanti      child 
influ        influence 
info         information 
infra        under, beneath 
infra tunika skirt 
inklude      include 
inku         anvil 
insekti      insect 
insignia     flag, badge 
instanta     instant 
instrumenta  tool 
insula       island 
insura       insurance 
inter        between, among 
interese     interest 
internatio   international 
internexu    networking 
intestina    intestine 
intra        inside 
investi      invest 
involve      wrap up 
iride        rainbow 
iso          identical 
itera        again 
itinera      travel 


ja           yes 
jace         lie [position] 
janu         door 
joko         joke 
ju           very young 
ju-an        boy 
ju-fe        girl 
judika       judge, decide, verdict 
juga         join 
juglans      walnut 
jura         swear oath 
jurnala      newspaper 
justi        just, fair 
juve         young 


ka           because of 
ka (-ka)     room 
ka-co        therefore 
kabla        cable 
kade         fall 
kaeto        bristle 
kafa         coffee 
kakao        cocoa 
kako         bad, evil, wicked 
kalendari    calendar 
kali         beautiful 
kalici       cup, calyx 
kalki        heel 
kalkula      pebble 
kamae        on ground 
kambio       exchange 
kame         on the ground 
kamera       room 
kamera-fa    apartment, flat 
kamerada     companion 
kamiona      van 
kampani      bell 
kampi        camp 
kampo        field 
kanabi       canvas 
kanali       ditch, canal 
kancela      cancel, lattice 
kancera      crab, cancer 
kanceri      crab, cancer 
kancero      crab 
kandela      candle 
kani         dog, canine 
kanta        sing, song 
kanti        sing, song 
kapila       hair 
kapitala     capital, city 
kapitula     chapter 
kapota       bonnet 
kapri        goat 
kapsa        parcel, capsule 
kapsu        parcel 
kapti        catch 
karbo        coal 
karboni      carbon 
karcera      prison 
kardia       heart 
kardina      hinge 
kargo        load, cargo, charge 
karis        shrimp 
kariti       pity 
karni        meat 
karo         dear 
karpe        pluck, harvest 
karpu        wrist 
karta        card 
kartona      cardboard 
kasea        cheese 
kaseta       cassette 
kaso         (in the) case (of) 
kastela      castle 
kata         downwards 
katena       chain, catenary 
kauda        tail 
kauli        stalk 
kausa        because of 
kaverno      cave 
kavita       hollow 
kefa         head 
keloni       tortoise 
kemi         chemical 
keno         empty 
kerami       clay 
kerati       horn 
ki           go 
ki ab        leave, go away 
kili         roll 
kilindri     cylinder 
kilo         thousand 
kine         move 
kinema       cinema 
kisti        bladder 
kito         living cell 
klandi       lame, limp 
klari        clear 
klasi        classify, grade 
klasti       smash 
klavi        key, clue 
kleida       lock 
kleisto      contain 
klepto       steal, thieve 
kli          bed 
klima        weather 
klina        slope, prone 
kloro        green, chloro- 
kloseta      toilet, W.C. 
klu          even 
klu-co       even so 
klude        close, shut 
ko(n)        with, present 
ko-co        also 
koano        collar 
kodi         code 
kogita       think (hard) 
kognati      related, cognate 
koklea       snail 
koku         berry 
kole         bile 
kolea        sheath 
kolegi       college 
kolekti      collect 
koleri       angry, anger 
kolina       hill 
kolumni      column 
koma         comma 
komanda      command 
kombina      combine 
komence      begin 
komerci      commerce 
komika       comic 
komiti       committee 
komo         how? 
kompani      company 
kompara      compare 
kompensa     compensate 
kompeti      compete 
kompli       accomplish 
komplika     complicate 
komposi      compose 
komuni       common 
komunika     communicate 
kon alelo    together 
koncesio     lease 
koncili      advise, counsel 
konditio     condition 
konekti      connect 
konfekti     jam 
konfesi      confess, admit 
konformi     conform 
konfusi      confuse 
kongru       fit, adapt, suitable 
koni         cone 
konifera     conifer 
konka        shell 
konkavi      concave 
konski       conscious 
konsola      comfort 
konsume      consume 
kontextu     context 
kontinenta   continent 
konto        bank account 
kontra       opposite 
kontra-co    conversely 
kontrola     control 
kontusi      bruise 
konvexi      convex 
kope         oar 
kopi         copy 
kopro        excrement 
kopula       mate (to) 
koragio      courage 
korbi        basket 
korda        cord 
kore         dance 
korina       club, bat 
koriza       cold in head 
kornu        horn 
korodi       corrode 
korona       crown 
korta        woo; court, yard 
kortika      bark, cortex 
kosina       cushion 
kosmeti      cosmetic 
kosmi        universe 
kosmo        space, cosmos 
kosta        rib, side, coast 
kotona       cotton 
kotoni       cotton 
koxa         hip, thigh 
krania       skull, cranium 
kratera      crater, basin 
krati        govern 
kredi        believe 
kredito      credit 
krepita      rustle, whisper 
kresce       grow 
kresta       crest 
kreta        chalk 
kri          separate 
kribri       sieve 
kripto       hide, cryptic 
krisi        crisis 
kriso        golden 
krista       frost 
kristali     ice 
kristonati   Christmas 
kritici      criticize 
kritika      criticize 
kroma        color 
kron         instant 
kruci        cross 
krudi        raw 
kubi         cube 
kubita       elbow 
kuko         cook 
kultela      knife 
kulti        cultivate 
kumbe        lie (down) 
kumu         heap, accumulate 
kune         wedge 
kunea        wedge 
kupra        copper 
kura         care, administer 
kurva        curve 
kuspi        point, cusp 


la           there 
labia        lip 
labori       work, labor 
lacera       tear (rip) 
lago         hare 
lakrima      tear (eye); weep, cry 
lakti        milk 
laku         lake 
lamina       slice 
lampa        shine 
lana         wool 
landa        country (a) 
lapse        slip 
larva        larva 
lase         let, permit, allow 
lase kade    drop 
latex        rubber 
lati         wide 
latici       rubber 
latri        worship 
latu         side 
lauda        praise 
lava         wash 
laxa         loose 
laxi         loose 
lega         law 
legumi       legumes 
lekto        read 
lenti        lens 
lento        slow 
leo          lion 
lepido       scale 
lepidoptera  butterfly 
lepto        slender 
lepus        rabbit 
leuko        white 
leuko kloro  pale green 
leuko-bruno  beige 
leva         raise 
levia        light weight 
levo         left (hand) 
lexi         word 
li (-li)     stone 
liabili      responsible 
libe         free 
libe-tem     free time, leisure 
libela       level 
liberali     broad-minded 
libido       desire 
libra        balance 
lice         may, allowed, licensed 
liga         tie 
ligni        wood 
liko         lick 
limi         mud 
limina       threshold 
limita       limit, qualify 
limni        lake 
limno        lake 
limo         mud, slime 
line         line 
lingua       language, tongue 
linqi        leave behind 
linu         flax, linen 
lipo         fat 
liqi         liquid 
lisi         separate 
lista        list 
litera       letter (a,b,c), spell 
lito         stone 
litora       shore 
litra        litre,liter 
lo (-lo)     place 
lofo         crest 
logi         understand 
logika       reason (to) 
loka         place 
longi        long, length 
lose         lose 
lubrika      oil (to) 
luci         transparent 
lucifera     match (flaming) 
ludo         play 
lue          hire 
lukta        struggle, wrestle 
lumi         light 
luna         moon 
lupus        wolf 
lustra       polish 


ma           more, -er 
ma (-ma)     stuff, matter      more...than 
magika       magic 
magneti      magnetism 
magnetofono  recorder 
makina       machine 
makropus     kangaroo 
makula       spot, stain, mark 
malea        hammer 
mali         bad 
mali-fortuna accident, unlucky 
malus        apple 
mama         breast (female) 
mana         morning 
mandibula    jaw 
mantela      coat 
manu         hand 
marca        march 
margina      edge, border 
mari         sea 
marsu        pocket 
marsu-lampa  flashlight, torch 
masage       massage 
masi         mass 
materi       stuff, matter 
matina       morning 
matri        mother 
matura       ripe 
maxi         most, -est 
me (-me)     device, mechanism 
media        media 
medika       medical 
medio        average 
mediu        medium 
mega         big, much, a lot 
mei          less     less...than 
mekani       device 
mekina       device, mechanism 
melano       black 
melano kloro dark green 
meli         honey 
meliora      improve 
memo         remember 
menace       threaten 
meno         month 
mensa        counter (shop) 
menta        mind 
merge        dive 
merito       deserve, merit 
merka        buy 
mero         bit, piece 
meso         middle 
meso-di      noon 
metali       metal 
metodi       method, way 
metra        meter, metre 
metri        measure 
metri-co     to that extent 
metro        insofar as 
mi           I, me, my 
mika         crumb, chip 
miko         fungus 
mikro        tiny 
miliona      million 
milita       fight, war 
mimi         copy, mimic 
mina         mine (coal, etc.) 
mini         least 
minus        without, lack, minus 
minus kroma  colorless 
minuta       minute 
mio          mouse 
mira         wonder 
miria        very many 
mis          wrong 
misili       missile 
misteri      mystery; weird 
mite         send 
mixa         mix 
mo           one (digit) 
mo (-mo)     piece of furniture 
mobi         car 
mobili       piece of furniture 
mode         method, way 
modela       model 
molekula     molecule 
moli         soft; grind 
moneta       coin 
monito       warn 
monstra      show 
monti        mountain 
morali       moral 
morda        bite 
more         habit, custom 
morfo        shape 
moroni       fool 
morta        death 
moti         move, put, drive 
motiva       motivate 
motori       motor 
mu           they, them, their 
muci         slime, mucus 
multi        many, a lot of 
munda        world 
mura         wall 
muri         rats and mice 
musika       music 
muski        moss 
muskula      muscle 
muta         change 
mutua        mutual 


na           we, us, our 
nari         nostril 
narko        drunk 
nasa         nose, to smell 
nati         birth 
natio        nation 
natura       nature 
navi         boat, ship 
ne           not, negative 
nebula       fog, mist 
nece         must 
nefo         cloud 
nega         negative something (to) 
negotia      do business 
nekro        destroy 
nekto        swim 
neo          new 
nervo        nerve 
neuro        nerve 
nexi         connect, attach 
nexu         network, interconnection 
ni           neither / nor 
nido         nest 
nikti        wink 
nima         name 
nivi         snow 
no           no 
no(n)        opposite meaning 
no-dura      cease to 
no-klu-co    apart from that 
no-qestio    uninquisitive 
nodi         node, knot 
nokti        night 
noktu        night 
noku         harm 
nomina       name 
non-ofero    withhold 
nona         nine 
nord         north 
norma        standard, norm, average 
nota         note (to) 
nova         news item 
nu           now, the present 
nu-di        today 
nu-fu        just about to 
nu-pa        have just 
nudi         naked 
nuki         nut 
nuklea       nucleus 
nuli         nothing, not at all 
numera       number, count 
nuta         nod 


obe          obey 
obodenus     walrus 
obesi        fat, obese 
oceani       ocean 
ocide        west (the) 
odio         hate 
odoro        smell 
ofero        offer 
ofici        office 
ok           eight 
okasio       opportunity 
oklu         nut (tool) 
okto         eight 
oku          eye, peep 
olea         oil 
oleo-resina  turpentine 
olface       smell 
oligo        few 
opinio       opine 
opresi       oppress 
orange       orange 
ordina       grade (to) 
ordinari     ordinary 
organi       organ 
organismo    organism 
ori          rise 
orienta      east (the) 
origi        origin, source 
oriza        rice 
orna         decorate 
orto         upright 
os           mouth 
osci         oscillate, shake 
osku         kiss 
oskula       kiss 
osteo        bone 
ostraka      shell 
oti          ear 
ova          egg 
ovali        oval 
ovis         sheep, ovine 
oxidi        oxidise, rust 


pa           past, did, -ed 
pa fu        was going to 
pa more      used to 
pa-di        yesterday 
paci         peace 
paga         pay 
pagina       page 
paketa       parcel 
paka         bale 
paki         thick, fat 
paleo        old 
pali         pole, stake 
palpa        examine by touch 
paluda       marsh 
pan          all 
pani         bread 
panika       millet 
panto        all 
panto-pe     everybody 
panto-ra     everything 
papilio      butterfly 
papira       paper 
para         beside 
paralisi     paralyse 
pardo        forgive, pardon 
parenta      parent 
parenta-par. grandparent 
participa    take part 
pasa         pass 
pasta        dough, paste 
pastora      priest 
patela       pan 
pato         sick 
patri        father 
pe (-pe)     person, worker 
peci         a bit of, a little 
pedi         foot 
pedi-lo      floor 
pektina      comb 
peleki       axe, hatchet 
pen          five 
pencila      pencil 
pende        hang 
pende ex     depend 
penite       sorry 
penta        five 
pepsi        digestion 
per          by means of, with 
per-co       in this way 
perfekti     perfect 
peri         around 
peri-lo      environment 
perplexi     baffle 
persekuti    persecute 
persika      peach 
persona      person 
peruka       wig 
peti         rush, dash, fly 
petitio      request, beg 
petro        rock 
piga         buttocks 
pikro        bitter 
pikto        picture, image 
pilula       pill 
pina         feather 
pinceta      tweezers 
pipera       pepper 
pirami       pyramid 
piro         fire, pyre 
pirus        pear 
piski        fish 
pisu         pea 
pisum        pea 
pla          shelf 
place        please 
plaka        slab, cake 
plankto      float 
plano        flat, plane 
planta       plant (to) 
plasti       shape, mould (mold) 
plati        flat and wide 
platiforma   platform 
ple          fill, full 
plei         more (number) 
pleisto      most (number), majority 
plekto       braid 
plika        fold 
plu          plural, more than one 
plu lenti    glasses 
plu-ci       these 
plu-la       those 
plumba       lead (Pb) 
plura        several 
plus         additional, too, also 
plus-co      moreover, in addition to all that 
pluto        wealth, resources 
pluvi        rain 
pluvi-skuta  umbrella 
pluvia       rain 
po           after 
po-co        afterwards 
po-kron      late 
poda         leg 
poeia        create 
poesi        poetry 
pola         pole (geography) 
polex        thumb 
poli         many 
polica       police 
polio        grey, gray 
polio-bruno  fawn 
politika     politics 
poluti       pollute 
pomi         apple 
ponde        weigh 
ponti        bridge 
popula       popular 
porifera     sponge 
porta        door 
posi         might, may, perhaps 
post         after 
posta        post, mail 
posta-teka   posting box 
poste        behind 
postula      suppose 
potato       potato 
pote         can, able 
pove         poor, miserable 
pragma       affair 
praxi        practice 
pre          before 
pre-kron     early 
preci        price 
precise      precise 
premi        prize 
prepara      ready 
privilegi    right (a) 
pro          for, in favor of 
probabili    probable 
procesi      process 
produce      produce 
profito      profit, advantage, benefit 
profunda     deep 
programa     program 
progresi     progress 
prokura      acquire 
promise      promise 
propaga      propagate 
proposi      suggest 
proprie      own (to) 
prosa        prose 
proskeni     stage 
protesta     complain 
proto        first, begin 
proxi        nearly 
proxi-ne     scarcely 
prunus       plum 
psiko        mind, soul 
ptero        wing 
publika      publicize 
pude         shame 
pugna        fight 
pulmona      lung 
pulsa        push, pulsate 
pulve        powder 
pulvina      pillow, cushion 
pumpa        pump 
punge        prick, sting 
puni         punish 
punkta       sharp end, dot 
puri         clean 
purpuro-rubi crimson 
pusi         small, a little 
puta         think 
puta-me      computer 
pute         well (water) 


qadra        square 
qalita       quality 
qantita      quantity, amount 
qanto        how much? / how many? 
qarto        quarter 
qe           question (?) 
qestio       question 
qestio se    ask onself 
qi           who, which 
qo           what? 
qo freqe     how often? 
qo metri     how much? 
qo numera    how many? 
qo speci     what sort of? 
qo-ka        why? / what cause? 
qo-lo        where? 
qo-pe        who? 
qo-ra        what thing? 
qo-te        why? / what intent? 
qod          which, that which 
qu           whether 


ra (-ra)     thing, affair 
rabi         mad 
racia        race 
radi         root 
radia        radiate 
radio        radio 
rai          ray 
raila        rail 
rami         branch, stick 
rana         frog 
rape         seize 
rapi         arrest 
rapidi       rapid, quick 
ratio        rate, ratio 
ratus        rat 
razo         scrape, shave 
reakti       react, heed 
reali        real, realize, make real 
rebeli       rebel 
recerka      research 
recesi       recess 
reflekti     reflect 
regi         ruler 
registra     record 
rektangula   rectangle 
rekti        straight 
relativi     relative 
religio      religion 
rena         kidney 
rentiera     shareholder, renter 
repara       repair, heal 
repli        answer 
reporta      report 
representa   represent 
reproduce    reproduce 
repti        creep, crawl 
residu       remain 
resista      strong 
respekti     respect 
responde     answer 
resta        stay, remain 
reti         network 
retro        backward, ago 
ridi         laugh 
ridi anti    laugh at 
rigi         stiff 
rigidi       stiff, obstinate 
ripa         bank (river) 
risko        danger 
ritmi        rhythm 
ritu         rite, ceremony 
rodo         rose 
rola         roll 
rondo        round 
rosa         pink 
rostri       beak 
rota         wheel 
ru (-ru)     instrument, tool 
rubi         red 
rubi-xanto   orange 
rudi         rubbish 
ruga         wrinkle 
rugo         rough 
rura         countryside 


Sa.          Ms., Miss, Mrs. 
sadi         cruel 
sadisti      sadistic 
sagita       arrow 
saka         bag, sack 
sakri        sacred 
sali         salt 
salmo        salmon 
salta        jump, leap 
saluta       welcome, greet 
salva        save 
sani         health 
sapo         soap 
sapro        rot 
sasi         grasp 
satelita     satellite 
sati         enough 
sauru        lizard 
se           self 
sed          but 
sedi         sit 
seiso        shake 
seka         cut 
sekali       rye 
sekretari    secretary 
sekunda      second (time) 
selaci       shark 
sema         sign, beckon 
semani       signify, to mean 
semi         half 
sensi        sense 
sensitivi    sensitive 
senti        afraid 
septi        seven 
seqe         follow 
seqe-co      consequently 
seri         list, series 
seria        series 
seriko       silk 
serpenti     snake 
servi        service 
seta         bristle 
seti         seven 
setimana     week 
severi       strict 
sexu         sex 
si           if 
sibila       whistle 
side         sit 
signi        sign (gesture) 
signifi      signify, to mean 
sika         dry 
sili         sand 
silva        woodland, wood, forest 
simboli      symbol 
simia        monkey, ape 
simpati      sympathy 
simpto       hint, symptom 
simul        together 
simula       simulate, pretend 
sin          with 
sine         without 
singu        each 
sinior       mister 
siniora      madam, missus 
siniorina    miss 
sio          would...if 
sipa         waste 
siringi      syringe 
sistema      tidy, system 
sito         food 
six          six 
skala        ladder 
skana        scan 
skapa        shoulder, scapular 
skeleto      skeleton, framework 
skema        plan, scheme 
skende       climb 
ski          know 
skience      science 
skiurus      squirrel 
skizo        split, tear 
sklero       hard 
sko          instruct 
skope        look (at) 
skoto        dark 
skribe       write 
skulptu      carve 
skuta        shield, TV screen 
smi          smile 
snazi        sneeze 
so           so, thus 
socia        partner 
sociali      social 
societa      society 
sofi         wise 
sola         sun 
solemni      solemn 
solidi       solid 
solo         alone 
solutio      solution 
solve        solve 
soma         body 
somni        sleep 
sonda        probe 
soni         sound 
sopo         sleep 
sorori       sister 
space        space 
spasmo       jerk 
spata        spade 
spatula      spoon 
spe          hope 
speci        kind, sort 
spekta       look 
spektra      rainbow 
spekula      mirror 
speleo       cave 
spende       spend 
sperma       seed 
sperma-tem   autumn 
spira        breathe 
spiritu      spirit, soul 
splendi      shine 
sponta       free, unbidden 
spora        scatter 
sporta       sport, game 
spre         spray 
Sr.          Mr. 
sta          stand 
stabili      stable 
stagna       pond 
stana        tin 
stape        stirrup 
statio       station, to park 
stato        state 
statu        statue 
stego        roof 
steno        narrow 
stereo       solid 
sti          switch on, cause, make 
sti mira     amaze 
stilo        pen 
stimula      stimulate 
sto          switch off, stop 
stoma        mouth 
stora        store 
strata       street, way 
strategi     cunning 
strepto      twist 
stria        stripe 
stude        study 
stupe        astonish 
stupidi      stupid 
su           above, over 
su toto      especially 
su tunika    shirt 
su-facia     surface 
sub          under 
sub kloro    greenish 
sub ridi     smile 
suberi       cork 
subito       sudden 
sucede       succeed 
sud          south 
sudo         sweat 
sue          sew 
sue-me       sewing machine 
suge         suck 
sui          pig, swine 
sukro        sweet 
sukro-ma     sugar 
suku         juice 
sulfi        sulfur, sulphur 
sulko        ship's wake 
suma         sum 
sumari       summarize 
sume         take 
supa         soup 
supra        above, over 
supracilia   eyebrow 
sura         sure, assure 
surge        rise 
susura       rustle, whisper 


ta           so very 
taba         board 
tabla        table 
tabula       time-table 
taci         be silent 
taeni        tape 
tako         fast, quick, speed 
takografo    shorthand, stenography 
tange        touch 
tape         carpet 
tardi        late 
tarsu        ankle 
tasa         cup 
taxo         arrange 
taxus        yew 
te           in order to 
te (-te)     cloth 
tea          tea 
teatra       theater, theatre 
tegu         cover 
tegula       tile 
teka         box 
tekno        skillful, clever 
tekto        build 
tele         far 
telefono     telephone 
televisio    television 
teli         teat 
tem          time, while, during 
tem dona     lend 
tem gene     borrow 
tem-co       meanwhile 
tema         theme, topic 
tempestu     storm 
tena         hold, keep from change 
tende        aim, purpose 
tensi        tension 
tensio       tension, stretch, stress 
tenta        try 
tenu         thin 
teo          god 
teori        theory 
tera         earth, ground, soil 
terapi       therapy, treat 
termo        heat 
termo-tem    summer 
testi        testify 
tet          four 
tetra        four 
tetra-ze     forty 
textili      cloth 
timpani      drum 
tipo         type, print 
toga         cloak 
tolera       patient 
tomi         tome, volume 
topika       theme, topic 
topo         spot, at 
toraki       chest 
toxi         poison, toxin 
trakto       pull 
trans        across 
trapa        trap 
trauma       shock 
trena        train 
tri          three 
tribuna      court of law 
triko        hair 
tristi       sad 
tritiku      wheat 
tro          too 
trompeta     bugle, trumpet 
tropi        turn 
trunku       trunk (tree) 
tu           you, your (singular) 
tubi         tube 
tumo         swell 
tunela       tunnel, burrow 
tunika       dress 
tura         tower 
turba        disturb 
turisti      tourist 
tusi         cough 


u bi         a pair 
u sponta     weed 
u(n)         a(n), the 
u-ci         this 
u-la         that 
u-mi         mine 
u-na         ours 
u-mu         theirs 
u-tu         yours 
uest         west 
ultima       last 
ultra        beyond 
ulula        howl 
umbra        shade, shadow 
unda         wave 
undu         wave 
ungua        nail, hoof 
uni          unite 
uniformi     regular 
unio         meet-ing 
universa     universe 
universita   university 
unki         hook 
unktu        ointment 
uno-pe       somebody 
ur           original 
urani        sky, heaven 
urba         town 
urina        urinate 
uteru        womb 
uti          use 


va (-va)     vessel, container 
vaga         wander 
vagina       sheath 
vagona       car 
vaku         empty 
vakuo        vacuum 
vale         farewell 
vali         valley, vale 
valu         value, worth 
valuta       money, currency 
valva        valve, tap 
valza        waltz 
vanesce      vanish 
vani         vain 
vanila       vanilla 
vapo         steam, vapor 
vasa         vessel, container 
vaso         vessel, container 
ve (-ve)     garment 
vegeta       vegetable 
vekto        carry, lever 
vela         sail 
veli         veil, sail 
veluta       velvet 
vendo        sell 
veni         come 
veno         vein 
venti        wind 
veranda      verandah 
verba        word 
veri         true, correct 
verifi       check, verify 
vermi        worm 
vernisa      varnish 
versi        back to begin, reversal 
verte        back to fr., upside down 
vesikula     blister 
vespa        wasp 
vespera      evening 
vesti        garment 
vestibula    vestibule 
veto         forbid 
vexa         annoy, irritate 
vi           you, your (plural) 
via          street, way 
viagia       travel, voyage 
vibra        vibrate 
vice         instead of, replace 
vide         see 
vidua        widow 
vigi         awake 
vigo         thrive, vigor 
viki         village 
viktimi      victim 
vikto        win, victory 
vinagra      vinegar 
vini         wine 
viole        attack, assault 
violeta      violet 
violina      violin 
virga        wand 
virgo        virgin 
visita       visit 
vista        view, visible, scene 
vita         life 
vitamina     vitamin 
viti         vine 
vitri        glass 
vive         live 
voci         shout 
voka         voice 
vokali       vowel 
vola         fly 
volu         want, wish 
volumi       volume, space 
vomita       vomit 
vora         eat 
vota         vote 
vulga        ordinary, vulgar 
vulkani      volcano 
vulne        wound 
vulpe        fox 
vultura      vultura 


wiski        whisky 


xanto        yellow 
xeno         strange, foreign 
xilo         wood, xylum 



ze           zero, -ty 
zea          maize (U.S.: corn) 
zebra        zebra 
zelo         eager, enthusiastic 
zero         zero, nothing 
zigazaga     zigzag 
zigo         join 
zimo         yeast 
zinko        zinc 
zo (-zo)     ring 
zoa          animal 
zona         ring, zone 

Vocabulary English-Glosa

When doing a computer search on English words, search all instances; also search on first part of Glosa words for similar occurrences.


a bit of, a little       peci
a pair                   u bi
a(n), the                u(n)
able to be               abili
about, in relation to    de
above, over              su, supra
academy                  academy
accept                   cepti
accident, unlucky        mali-fortuna
accomplish               kompli
accordingly              akorda-co
accumulate               kumu
accusation               etio
acid                     akidi
acorn                    glandi
acquire                  prokura
across                   trans
act                      drama
act, do, behave          akti
adapt                    adapta
add                      adi
additional, too, also    plus
administer               kura
adverb                   adverbi
advise, counsel          koncili
affair                   ra, pragma
afraid                   senti, este fobo
after                    po, post
afterwards               po-co
again                    itera
against                  anti
age                      eva
agent                    agenti
agree                    akorda
aim, butt                buta
aim, purpose             tende
air                      aero
airplane, aeroplane      aeroplana
airport, aerodrome       aerodroma
album                    album
alga                     alga
all                      pan, panto
alligator                aligatora
almond                   amigda
alone                    solo
alphabet                 alfabeti
also                     ko-co
already                  pre-nu
alternate                alterna
amaze                    sti mira
ambassador               ambasadora
amble                    ambula
amount                   qantita
amuse                    amusa
anchor                   ankora
ancient                  arkeo
and                      e
angle, corner            gono
angry, anger             koleri
animal                   zoa, animali
ankle                    tarsu
announce                 sti ski
annoy, irritate          vexa
answer                   repli, responde
ant                      formika
antarctic                antarktika
antenna                  antena
anvil                    inku
anxious                  ge-turba
any                      ali
apart from that          no-klu-co
apartment, flat          kamera-fa
apple                    malus, pomi
apply                    aplika
appreciate               apreci
arc                      arka
arch                     arca
arctic                   arctika
area, region             area
arithmetic               aritmetika
arm                      braki
army                     arme
around                   peri
arrange                  taxo
arrest                   rapi
arrogant                 aroga
arrow                    sagita
art                      arti
article                  artikla
artificial               ge-face
artist                   artisti
as (while)               tem
as (because)             ka        
ashamed                  este etio
ashes                    cinera
ask onself               qestio se
aspect                   aspekti
association              asocia
assume                   assume
astonish                 stupe
athlete                  atleti
attack                   viole
attitude                 mode, senti
automatic                automati
autumn                   sperma-tem
avalanche                avalanca
average                  medio
available                existe
avoid                    evita
awake                    vigi
away, sent               ab
axe, hatchet             peleki
axis, axle               axi


baby                     babi
bachelor                 no-game-an
back                     dorsa
back to begin            versi
back to fr., upside down verte
background               fonda
backward, ago            retro
bad, evil, wicked        kako, mali
baffle                   perplexi
bag, sack                saka
bake                     furna
balance                  eqilibri, libra
balcony                  balkoni
bale                     paka
ball                     bola
ballet                   bale
balloon                  baluna
bamboo                   bambu
banana                   banana
band                     banda
bang                     bang
bank                     banka
bank (river)             ripa
bank account             konto
bar                      bara
barbarous                barbaro
bark (dog)               voci
bark, cortex             kortika
barley                   hordea
baron                    baroni
barrier                  barira
base, low                baso
baseball                 besboli
basket                   korbi
bat                      bata
bath, bathe              balno
battery                  bateri
bay                      baia
be silent                taci
be, am, is, are          es
bead                     globula
beak                     rostri
bean                     faba
beautiful                kali
because of               ka, kausa
beckon                   sema
become                   gene, esce
bed                      kli
bee                      apis
beer                     bira
before                   pre
begin                    komence
behind                   poste
beige                    leuko-bruno
believe                  kredi
bell                     kampani
bellows                  foli, fisa
bench                    benca
bend                     flexi
benefit                  profito
berry                    baka, koku
beside                   para
bet                      divi
between, among           inter
beyond                   ultra
bicycle                  birota
big                      mega
bile                     kole
bird                     avi
birth                    nati
birthday                 nati-di
bit, piece               mero
bite                     morda
bitter                   pikro
black                    melano
bladder                  kisti
blade                    blada
blister                  vesikula
blond                    blonda
blood                    hema
blow                     fla
blow, impact             impakti
blue                     ciano
board                    taba
boast                    bombasti
boat, ship               navi
body                     soma
boil                     buli
bone                     osteo
bonnet                   kapota
book                     bibli
boot                     botina
borough                  burgo
borrow                   tem gene
both                     ambi
bottle                   botilia
bottom                   funda
box                      teka
boy                      ju-an
braid                    plekto
brain                    enkefa, cerebra
branch, stick            rami
bread                    pani
break                    frakti
breast (female)          mama
breathe                  spira
brick                    brika
bridge                   ponti
bristle                  seta, kaeto
broad-minded             liberali
broadcast                difusi
broken                   ge-frakti
brother                  fratri
brown                    bruno
bruise                   kontusi
brush                    brosa
bud                      blasto
bugle                    trompeta
build                    tekto
building, house          do (-do), domi
bulb                     bulbo
bullet                   buleta
bumblebee                bombus
bungalow                 bungalo
burn                     busti
bus                      bus
busy                     aktivi
but                      sed
butter                   butiri
butterfly                lepidoptera, papilio
buttocks                 glutea, piga
button                   butona
buy                      merka
buzz                     buz
by means of, with        per


cabbage                  brasika
cable                    kabla
calendar                 kalendari
camp                     kampi
can, able                pote
cancel, lattice          kancela
candle                   kandela
canvas                   kanabi
capital, city            kapitala
car                      mobi
car                      vagona
carbon                   karboni
card                     karta
cardboard                kartona
care                     kura
carpet                   tape
carrot                   daukus
carry                    fero
carry, lever             vekto
carve                    skulptu
(in the) case (of)       kaso
cassette                 kaseta
castle                   kastela
cat, feline              feli, felis
catch                    kapti
cave                     kaverno, speleo
cearals                  cereali
cease to                 no-dura
celebrate                celebra
cell                     celu
centre, center           centra
certain (a)              certa (u-)
certified                certifi
chain, catenary          katena
chalk                    kreta
chance                   fortuna
change                   muta
chapter                  kapitula
chase, hunt              casa
check                    verifi
cheek, buccal            buka
cheese                   kasea
chemical                 kemi
cheque, check            cek
chest                    toraki
chicken                  galina
chief                    arki
chief, leader, guide     duce
child                    infanti
chocolate                cokolata
choose                   elekti
Christmas                kristonati
cinema                   kinema
circumstance             cirkusta
citizen                  civi
city                     civita
civilize                 civiliza
classify, grade          klasi
clay                     kerami
clean                    puri
clear                    klari
climb                    skende
cloak                    toga
close, shut              klude
cloth                    te (-te), textili
cloud                    nefo
club, bat                korina
coal                     karbo
coat                     mantela
cocoa                    kakao
code                     kodi
coffee                   kafa
coin                     moneta
cold                     frigi
cold in head             koriza
collar                   kola-ve
collect                  kolekti
college                  kolegi
color                    kroma
colorless                minus kroma
column                   kolumni
comb                     pektina
combine                  kombina
come                     veni
comfort                  konsola
comic                    komika
comma                    koma
command                  komanda
commerce                 komerci
committee                komiti
common                   komuni
communicate              komunika
companion                kamerada
company                  kompani
compare                  kompara
compass                  boreo-me
compensate               kompensa
compete                  kompeti
complain                 protesta
complicate               komplika
compose                  komposi
computer                 puta-me
concave                  konkavi
condition                konditio
cone                     koni
confess                  konfesi
conform                  konformi
confuse                  konfusi
congratulate             gratula
conifer                  konifera
connect                  konekti, nexi
conscious                konski
consequently             seqe-co
consume                  konsume
contain                  kleisto
context                  kontextu
continent                kontinenta
continuous, -ing         du
control                  kontrola
conversely               kontra-co
convex                   konvexi
cook                     kuko
copper                   kupra
copy                     kopi
copy, mimic              mimi
cord                     korda
cork                     suberi
corrode                  korodi
cosmetic                 kosmeti
cotton                   kotona, kotoni, gosipa
cough                    tusi
counter (shop)           mensa
country (a)              landa
countryside              rura
courage                  koragio
court of law             tribuna
courteous                civili
cover                    tegu
crab                     kancero
crab, cancer             kancera, kanceri
crater, basin            kratera
create                   poeia
credit                   kredito
creep, crawl             repti
crest                    kresta
crest                    lofo
crimson                  purpuro-rubi
crisis                   krisi
criticize                kritici, kritika
cross                    kruci
crown                    korona
cruel                    sadi
crumb, chip              mika
crumble                  fria
cube                     kubi
cultivate                kulti
cunning                  strategi
cup                      tasa
cup, calyx               kalici
curl, cirrus             ciri
curve                    kurva
cushion                  kosina
customs                  extra fiska
cut                      seka
cylinder                 kilindri


dance                    kore
danger                   risko
dark                     skoto
dark green               melano kloro
data, fact, news         data
date (day)               datu
date (fruit)             fikus
dawn                     aurora
day                      di
dear                     karo
death                    morta
debt                     debito
decide                   decide
decorate                 orna
deep                     profunda
deep green               fo-kloro
defect                   defekti
defend                   alexi
defy, challenge          defi
delegate                 delegati
delicate                 delikati
dense                    densi
depend                   pende ex
describe                 deskribe
desert                   deserta
deserve, merit           merito
desire                   libido
destroy                  destru, nekro
develop                  evolve
device                   mekani
device, mechanism        me (-me), mekina
devil                    diaboli
dial                     diali
differ                   difere
different                hetero
dig                      fosi
digestion                pepsi
dilute                   diluti
dip                      bapti
direct                   dirigi
direct, direction        direkti
disappoint               frustra
disc, disk, plate        disko
distribute               distribu
disturb                  turba
ditch, canal             kanali
dive                     merge
divide                   divide
do, act                  akti
do business              negotia
dog, canine              kani
domain                   dominio
dominate, master         domina
donkey, ass              asinus
door                     porta, janu
double                   diplo
doubt                    dubita
dough, paste             pasta
downwards                kata
draw, write              grafi
dress                    tunika
drink                    bibe
drive                    age
drop                     lase kade
drop (of liquid)         guta
drug                     farmako
drum                     timpani
drunk                    narko
dry                      sika
duck                     anas


each                     singu
each other               alelo
eager, enthusiastic,
  fervent                zelo
ear                      auri, oti
early                    pre-kron
earth                    geo
earth, ground, soil      tera
east                     orienta, est
easy                     facili
eat                      fago, vora
edge, border             margina
educate                  eduka
effect                   efekti
efficient                eficie
egg                      ova
eight                    ok, okto
elbow                    kubita
electric                 elektro
electronic               elektroni
elephant                 elefa
embrace                  amplexi
emotion                  emotio
empire                   imperi
empty                    vaku, keno
encyclopedia             enciklopedia
end, finish              fini
energy                   energi
enjoy                    fru
enough                   sati
entertain                hospita
environment              ambienta, peri-lo
equal                    eqa
especially               su toto
even                     klu
even so                  klu-co
evening                  vespera
everybody                panto-pe
everything               panto-ra
examine                  examina
examine by touch         palpa
example                  exempla
exchange                 kambio
excise                   in-fiska
excite                   excite
exclude                  exclude
excrement                feki, kopro
excrete                  exkreti
exercise                 exercise
exist                    existe
expect                   expekta
experience               experi
experiment               experimenta
explain                  explika
explode                  explode
extend, spread           extende
extract                  extracto
eye, peep                oku
eyebrow                  supracilia
eyelash                  cilia


face                     facia
fact                     faktu
factor                   faktora
fail                     fali
fall                     kade
fame                     famo
family                   famili
far, distant             tele, dista
farewell                 vale
fascinate, charm         fascina, faskina
fast, quick, speed       tako
fat                      lipo
fat, obese               obesi
father                   patri
favor                    favo
fawn                     polio-bruno
fear, phobia             fobo
feather                  pina
feel, conscious          este
ferment                  fermenta
fertile                  fertili
few                      oligo
fiber, fibre             fibro
field                    agri, kampo
fight                    pugna
fight, war               milita
file                     dosie
fill, full               ple
film                     filma
filter, filtre           filtra
find                     detekti
finger                   digi, digita
fire, pyre               piro
first, begin             proto
fish                     piski
fit, adapt, suitable     kongru, gru
five                     pen, penta
fix, tighten             fixa
flag, badge              insignia
flake                    floka
flame                    flama
flash                    flash
flashlight, torch        marsu-lampa
flat and wide            plati
flat, plane              plano
flavour, flavor, taste   flavoro
flax, linen              linu
float                    plankto
flood                    diluvi
floor                    pedi-lo
flour                    farina
flow                     flu
flower                   anto, flori
fluid                    fluidi
fly                      vola
fly (insect)             diptera
foam                     afro
fog, mist                nebula
focus, centre, center    foku
fold                     plika
follow                   seqe
food                     sito
fool                     moroni
foot                     pedi
for, in favor of         pro
forbid                   veto
force                    dina
forehead                 fronta
foreign                  aliena, xeno
forgive, pardon          pardo
fork                     furka
formula                  formula
forward                  avanti
four                     tet, tetra
fox                      vulpe
free                     libe
free time, leisure       libe-tem
free, unbidden           sponta
free, without paying     gratis
freeze, congeal          geli
fresh                    fresko
friend                   ami
frog                     rana
from, by                 ex
front, in front          ante
frost                    krista
fruit                    frukti
fungus                   fungu, miko, fungus
fusion                   fusio
future                   futuri


garden                   horti
garment                  ve (-ve), vesti
gas                      gasi
general                  generali
gentle                   gentili
get                      gene
get bigger, expand       expande
get-                     ge (ge-)
girl                     ju-fe
give                     dona
gland                    adeno, glandi
glass                    vitri
glasses                  plu lenti
go                       ki
goat                     kapri
god                      teo
golden                   kriso
good                     boni, eu
goose                    anseri
govern                   krati
grade (to)               ordina
grammar                  gramatika
grand, noble             grandi
grandparent              parenta-par.
grasp                    sasi
grass                    gra, gramini
gravity                  gravita
greedy                   avari
green                    kloro
greenish                 sub kloro
grey, gray               polio
grounds                  basi
group, set               fa (-fa), faski
grow                     kresce
guard                    guarda
guess                    divina
guest                    hospi
guilty                   etio
gun                      fusili


habit, custom            habitu, more
hair                     kapila, triko
half                     hemi, semi
hall, cavity             atria
hammer                   malea
hand                     manu
hang                     pende
happen                   acide
happy                    hedo
hard                     sklero
hard, lasting            dura
hare                     lago
harm                     noku
hate                     odio
have just                nu-pa
have, possess            habe
hay                      fenu
he, him, his             an
head                     kefa
health                   sani
heap                     kumu
hear                     akusti, audi
heart                    kardia
heat                     termo
heavy                    gravi
hedgehog                 erinaceus
heel                     kalki
help, auxiliary          auxi
herd, flock, party       grega
here                     ci
hesitate                 hesita
hide, cryptic            kripto
hierarchy                hierarki
hieroglyph               hieroglifo
high                     alti
hill                     buno, kolina
hinge                    kardina
hint, symptom            simpto
hip, thigh               koxa
hire                     lue
history                  histori
hit, strike, knock, beat bate
hold, keep from change   tena
hole                     fora
holiday                  festa, libe-tem
hollow                   kavita
honest                   honesti
honey                    meli
honeycomb                favi
hook                     unki
hope                     spe
horizon                  horizo
horizontal               horizonta
horn                     kerati, kornu
horse                    equs
hospital                 pato-do
hour                     horo
house, building          domi
how many?                qo numera
how much?                qo metri
how much? / how many?    qanto
how often?               qo freqe
how?                     komo
however, nevertheless    anti-co
howl                     ulula
human                    homini
humankind, person        homi
humid, moist             humidi
hundred                  centi
hungry                   famina
husk, bran, chaff        gluma


I, me, my                mi
ice                      glacia, kristali
ice cream                gelato
identical                iso
if                       si
imagine                  imagina
import                   importa
improve                  meliora
in                       in
in order to              te
in this way              per-co
include                  inklude
industry                 industri
infer                    deduce
influence                influ
information              info
inherit                  geneti
insect                   insekti
inside                   intra
insofar as               metro
instant                  kron, instanta
instead of, replace      vice
instruct                 sko
instruction, lesson      sko
  give instruction       done sko
instrument, tool         ru (-ru)
insurance                insura
interest                 interese
international            internatio
intestine, gut           intestina, entero
invest                   investi
iron, ferro-, ferrous    feru
is of, belongs to        es de
island                   insula
it                       id
it is, i.e.              id es


jam                      konfekti
jaw                      mandibula
jaw, beak                gnata
jerk                     spasmo
join                     juga, zigo
joint                    artikula, artro
joke                     joko
judge, decide            judika
juice                    suku
jump, leap               salta
just about to            nu-fu
just, fair               justi


kangaroo                 makropus
key, clue                klavi
kidney                   rena
kill                     cide
kind, sort               speci
king                     an-regi
kiss                     osku, oskula
knee, kneel              genu
knife                    kultela
know, knowledge          ski


ladder                   skala
lake                     laku, limni, limno
lame, limp               klandi
language, tongue         lingua, glosa
larva                    larva
last                     ultima
late                     po-kron, tardi
laugh                    ridi
laugh at                 ridi anti
law                      lega
lead (Pb)                plumba
leaf                     folia
lease                    koncesio
least                    mini
leave behind             linqi
leave, go away           ki ab
left (hand)              levo
left (remaining)         resta
leg                      poda
legumes                  legumi
lemon                    citri
lend                     tem dona
lens                     lenti
less                     mei
let, permit              lase, lice, permite
letter (a,b,c), spell    litera
letter, telegram         grama
level                    libela
lick                     liko
lie (down)               kumbe
lie [position]           jace
life                     bio, vita
light                    lumi
light weight             levia
light, photo-            foto
like                     homo
limit, qualify           limita
line                     line
lion                     leo
lip                      labia
liquid                   liqi
list, series             seri, lista
litre,liter              litra
live                     vive
liver                    hepa
living cell              kito
living earth             gaia
lizard                   sauru
load, cargo, charge      kargo
lobster                  homari
lock                     kleida
log                      bloka
long, length             longi
look                     spekta
look (at)                skope
loose                    laxa, laxi
lose                     lose
love, philo-             filo
love, like               amo
lucky                    boni-fortuna
lump                     amorfo
lung                     pulmona


machine                  makina
mad                      rabi
madam, missus            siniora
magic                    magika
magnetism                magneti
maize (U.S.: corn)       zea
make                     face
man, husband             andro
many                     poli
many, a lot of           multi
map, chart               carta
marry                    game
march                    marca
March (month)            mars, meno tri
marsh                    paluda
mass                     masi
massage                  masage
match (flaming)          lucifera
mate (to)                kopula
may, allowed, licensed   lice
meanwhile                tem-co
measure                  metri
meat                     karni
media                    media
medical                  medika
medium                   mediu
meet                     enkontra
meet-ing                 unio
metal                    metali
meter, metre             metra
method, way              metodi, mode
middle                   meso
might, may, perhaps      posi
milk                     lakti
millet                   panika
million                  miliona
mind                     animo, menta
mind, soul               psiko
mine                     u-mi
mine (coal, etc.)        mina
minute                   minuta
mirror                   spekula
miss (person)            siniorina
missile                  misili
mistake                  ero
mister                   sinior
mix                      mixa
model                    modela
molecule                 molekula
money, currency          valuta
monkey, ape              simia
month                    meno
mood                     atitudi
moon                     luna
moral                    morali
more (number)            plei
more, -er                ma
moreover                 plus-co
morning                  mana, matina
moss                     brio, muski
most (number), majority  pleisto
most, -est               maxi
mother                   matri
mother-in-law            gina-matri / andro-matri
motivate                 motiva
motor                    motori
mountain                 monti
mouse                    mio
mouth                    os, stoma
move                     kine
move, put, drive         moti
mud, slime               lime, limo
muscle                   muskula
music                    musika
must                     nece
mutual                   mutua
mystery                  misteri


nail, hoof               ungua
nail, needle             aku
naked                    gimno, nudi
name                     nima, nomina
narrow                   steno
nation                   natio
nature                   natura
nearly                   proxi
neck                     cervika
negative something (to)  nega
neither / nor            ni
nerve                    nervo, neuro
nest                     nido
network, interconnection nexu, reti
networking               internexu
new                      neo
news item                nova
newspaper                jurnala
nice, sweet              gluko
night                    nokti, noktu
nine                     nona
no                       no
nod                      nuta
node, knot               nodi
north                    boreo, nord
nose, to smell           nasa
nostril                  nari
not, negative            ne
note (to)                nota
nothing, not at all      nuli
now, the present         nu
nowhere                  nuli-lo
nucleus                  nuklea
number, count            numera
nut                      nuki
nut (tool)               oklu


oar                      kope
oats                     avena
obey                     obe
ocean                    oceani
offer                    ofero
office                   buro, ofici
offspring                fili
often                    freqe
oil                      olea
oil (to)                 lubrika
ointment                 unktu
old                      paleo
old age                  gero
on                       epi
on ground                kamae
on the ground            kame
one (digit)              mo
one (person)             pe
one says                 pe dice
onion                    cepa
open                     aperi
opener (tool)            aperi-ru
opine                    opinio
opinion, opine           doxo
opportunity              okasio
opposite                 kontra
opposite meaning)       no(n)
oppress                  opresi
or                       alo
orange                   rubi-xanto, orange
ordinary                 ordinari, vulga
organ                    organi
organism                 organismo
origin, source           origi
original                 ur-
oscillate, shake         osci
otherwise                hetero-co
outside                  extra
oval                     ovali
over, above              hiper
overlap                  imbrika
own (to)                 proprie
ox, cow/cattle           bovi
oxidise, rust            oxidi


page                     pagina
pain                     algo
pale green               leuko kloro
pan                      patela
paper                    papira
paralyse                 paralisi
parcel, capusle          kapsu, kapsa, paketa
parent                   parenta
partition                fragma
partner                  socia
pass                     pasa
past, did, -ed           pa
patient                  tolera
pay                      paga
pea                      pisu, pisum
peace                    paci
peach                    persika
pear                     pirus
pebble                   kalkula
pen                      stilo
pen-pal                  gram-ami
pencil                   pencila
people                   demo
poetry                   poesi
pepper                   pipera
perfect                  perfekti
periodical               gazeta
persecute                persekuti
person                   persona
person, worker           pe (-pe)
petrol, gasoline         benzina
picture, image           pikto
piece of furniture       mo (-mo), mobili
pig, swine               sui
pill                     pilula
pillow, cushion          pulvina
pink                     rosa
pity                     kariti
place                    lo (-lo), loka
plan, scheme             skema
plant (living)           fito
plant (to)               planta
platform                 platiforma
play                     ludo
please                   place
plough, plow             ara
pluck, harvest           karpe
plum                     prunus
plural, more than one    plu
pocket                   marsu
point to                 indika
point, cusp              kuspi
poison, toxin            toxi
pole (geography)         pola
pole, stake              pali
police                   polica
polish                   lustra
politics                 politika
pollute                  poluti
pond                     stagna
poor, miserable          pove
popular                  popula
post, mail               posta
potato                   potato
pour                     fusi
powder                   pulve
power                    dinamo
practice                 praxi
praise                   lauda
precise                  precise
press                    baro
pretend                  fikti
price                    preci
prick, sting             punge
priest                   pastora
prison                   karcera
prize                    premi
probable                 probabili
probe                    sonda
process                  procesi
produce                  produce
profit                   profito
program                  programa
progress                 progresi
promise                  promise
propagate                propaga
prose                    prosa
proud                    auto-lauda
prove                    demonstra
publicize                publika
pull                     trakto
pump                     pumpa
punish                   puni
purse, bourse            bursa
push, pulsate            pulsa
puzzle                   enigma
pyramid                  pirami


quality                  qalita
quantity                 qantita
quarrel                  disputa
quarter                  qarto
queen                    fe-regi
question                 qestio
question (?)             qe


rabbit                   lepus
race                     racia
radiate                  radia
radio                    radio
rail                     raila
rain                     pluvi, pluvia
rainbow                  iride, spektra
raise                    leva
rapid, quick             rapidi
rat                      ratus
rate, ratio              ratio
rats and mice            muri
raw                      krudi
ray                      rai
react, heed              reakti
read                     lekto
ready                    prepara
real, realize, make real reali
reason (to)              logika
rebel                    rebeli
recess                   recesi
record                   registra
recorder                 magnetofono
rectangle                rektangula
red                      rubi, eritro
reflect                  reflekti
regular                  uniformi
related, cognate         kognati
relative                 relativi
religion                 religio
remain                   residua
remember                 memo
remove                   apo
repair, heal             repara
report                   reporta
represent                representa
reproduce                reproduce
request, beg             petitio
research                 recerka
respect                  respekti
responsible              liabili
reversal                 versi
rhythm                   ritmi
rib, side, coast         kosta
rice                     oriza
right (a)                privilegi
right, just              justi
right-hand               dextro
ring                     zo (-zo), zona
ripe                     matura
rise                     ori, surge
rite, ceremony           ritu
river                    fluvi
rock                     petro
rod, stick, bar          baci
roll                     kili
roll                     rola
roof                     stego
room                     ka (-ka), kamera
root                     radi
rose                     rodo
rot                      sapro
rotate                   gira
rough                    rugo
round                    rondo
rub, friction            frika, frikti
rubber                   gumi, latex, latici
rubbish                  rudi
ruler                    regi
run                      dromo
run away                 fugi
rush, dash, fly          peti
rustle, whisper          krepita, susura
rye                      sekali


sacred                   sakri
sad                      tristi
sadistic                 sadisti
safe                     imuni
safe place               asila
sail                     vela
salmon                   salmo
salt                     sali
sand                     arena, sili
satellite                satelita
save                     salva
say, speak, tell         dice
scale                    lepido
scan                     skana
scarcely                 proxi-ne
scatter                  spora
science                  skience
scissors                 cisori
scrape, shave            razo
sea                      mari
search, circling         cerka
second (time)            sekunda
secretary                sekretari
see                      vide
seed                     sperma
seem                     feno
seemly                   deko
seize                    rape
self                     se
self, own                auto
selfish                  egotisti
sell                     vendo
send                     mite
sense                    sensi
sensitive                sensitivi
sentence                 frase
separate                 kri, lisi
series                   seria
service                  servi
seven                    septi, seti
several                  plura
sew                      sue
sex                      sexu
shade, shadow            umbra
shake                    seiso
shall have               fu pa
shall, future            fu
shame                    pude
shape, form              forma, morfo
shape, mould (mold)      plasti
shareholder, renter      rentiera
shark                    selaci
sharp                    akuto
sharp end, dot           punkta
she, her                 fe
sheath                   kolea, vagina
sheep, ovine             ovis
shelf                    pla
shell                    konka, ostraka
shield, TV screen        skuta
shine                    lampa
shine                    splendi
shirt                    su tunika
shock                    trauma
shop                     bo (-bo), boteka
shore                    litora
short                    brevi
shorthand, stenography   takografo
should, ought            debi
shoulder, scapular       skapa
shout                    voci
show                     monstra
shrimp                   karis
sick                     pato
side                     latu
sieve                    kribri
sign                     sema
sign (gesture)           signi
signify, to mean         semani, signifi
silk                     seriko
silly, fatuous           fatuo
silver                   argenti
similarly                homo-co
simple                   elementa
simulate, pretend        simula
sing, song               kanta, kanti
sister                   sorori
sit                      sedi, side
six                      six
skeleton, framework      skeleto
skillful, clever         tekno
skin                     derma
skirt                    infra tunika
skull, cranium           krania
sky, heaven              urani
slab, cake               plaka
slack, flaccid           flaci
slave                    dulo
sleep                    somni, sopo
slender                  lepto
slice                    lamina
slide, glide             glisa
slime, mucus             muci
slip                     lapse
slope, prone             klina
slow                     lento
small, a little          pusi
smash                    klasti
smell                    odoro, olface
smell (emit)             dona odoro
smell (sense)            este odoro
smile                    smi, sub ridi
smoke                    fumi
smooth                   glabro
snail                    koklea
snake                    serpenti
sneeze                   snazi
snow                     nivi
so very                  ta
so, thus                 so
soap                     sapo
social                   sociali
society                  societa
socket                   glena
soft; grind              moli
solemn                   solemni
solid                    solidi, stereo
solution                 solutio
solve                    solve
somebody                 uno-pe
sorry                    penite
sound                    fono, soni
soup                     supa
south                    austra, sud
space                    space
space, cosmos            kosmo
spade                    spata
spend                    spende
spider                   aranea
spiral                   helika
spirit, soul             spiritu
split, crack             fisu
split, tear              skizo
sponge                   porifera
spoon                    spatula
sport, game              sporta
spot, at                 topo
spot, stain, mark        makula
spray                    spre
spring (season)          blasto-tem
spring                   elasti
spy                      espio
square                   qadra
squirrel                 skiurus
stable                   stabili
stage                    proskeni
stalk                    kauli
stamp (postage)          ateli, posta-bileta
stamp (to)               stampa
stand                    sta
standard, norm, average  norma
star                     astro
starch                   amila
state                    stato
state (to)               deklara
station, to park         statio
statue                   statu
stay, remain             resta
steal, thieve            klepto
steam                    vapo
steel                    dura feru
step                     gradu
sticky                   hesi
stiff                    rigi
stiff, obstinate         rigidi
stimulate                stimula
stirrup                  stape
stomach                  gastro
stone                    li (-li), lito
store                    stora
storm                    tempestu
stove                    furna
straight                 rekti
strange, foreign         xeno
street, way              strata, via
strict                   severi
stripe                   stria
strong                   resista
struggle                 lukta
study                    stude
stuff, matter            ma (-ma), materi
stupid                   stupidi
succeed                  sucede
suck                     suge
sudden                   subito
sugar                    sukro-ma
suggest                  proposi
sulfur, sulphur          sulfi
sum                      suma
summarize                sumari
summer                   termo-tem, estiva
sun                      helio, sola
suppose                  postula
sure                     sura
surface                  su-facia
swallow                  gluto
swan                     cigni
swear oath               jura
sweat                    sudo
sweet                    sukro
swell                    tumo
swim                     nekto
switch off, stop         sto
switch on, cause, make   sti
sword                    gladia
symbol                   simboli
sympathy                 simpati
syringe                  siringi


table                    tabla
tail                     kauda
take                     sume
take part                participa
tame                     dama
tape                     banda, taeni
taste                    gusta
tax                      fiska
tea                      tea
tear (eye)               lakrima
tear (rip)               lacera
teat                     teli
telephone                telefono
television               televisio
ten                      deka
tension                  tensi
tension, stretch, stress tensio
terrible                 deino
testify                  testi
thanks                   gratia
that                     u-la
the-just-said            -co
theater, theatre         teatra
theirs                   u-mu
theme, topic             topika, tema
theory                   teori
therapy, treat           terapi
there                    la
there is, there are      il es
therefore                ka-co
these                    plu-ci
they, them, their        mu
thick, fat               paki
thin                     tenu
thing                    ra (-ra)
think                    puta
think (hard)             kogita
thirsty                  dipso
thirty                   tri-ze
this                     u-ci
those                    plu-la
thought, idea            idea
thousand                 kilo
thread                   fi (-fi), filament
threaten                 menace
three                    tri
threshold                limina
thrive                   vigo
throat                   faringi
through                  dia
throw                    bali
thumb                    polex
thunder                  bronto
ticket                   bileta
tidy, system             sistema
tie                      liga
tile                     tegula
time, while, during      tem
time-table               tabula
tin                      stana
tiny                     mikro
tire                     fatiga
tissue                   histo
to that extent           metri-co
today                    nu-di
together                 kon alelo, simul
toilet, W.C.             kloseta
tomorrow                 fu-di
tongue, language, Glosa  glosa
too                      excesi, tro
tool                     instrumenta
tooth                    denti
top, tip                 akro
tortoise                 keloni
touch                    tange
tourist                  turisti
towards, at              a(d)
tower                    tura
town                     urba
traffic                  cirkulatio
train                    trena
transparent              luci
trap                     kapti-me
travel                   itinera
travel, voyage           viagia
tree                     dendro
true, correct            veri
trunk (tree)             trunku
try                      tenta
tube                     tubi
tunnel, burrow           tunela
turn                     tropi
turpentine               oleo-resina
tweezers                 pinceta
twin                     gemini
twist                    strepto
two                      bi
type, print              tipo


umbrella                 pluvi-skuta
under, below             sub, hipo
under, beneath           infra
understand               logi
uninquisitive            no-qestio
unique, private,
  special, peculiar      idio
unite                    uni
universe                 kosmo, universa
university               universita
upright                  orto
upwards                  ana
urinate                  urina
use                      uti
used to                  pa more
useful                   funktio


vacuum                   vakuo
vain                     vani
valley                   vali
value, worth             valu
valve, tap               valva
van                      kamiona
vanilla                  vanila
vanish                   vanesce
varnish                  vernisa
vegetable                vegeta, sito-fito
veil, sail               veli
vein                     veno
velvet                   veluta
ventilation              ventila
verandah                 veranda
verb                     klavi verba
verdict                  judika
very many                miria
very young               ju
very, intense            fo (fo-), forti
vessel, container        va (-va), vasa, vaso
vibrate                  vibra
victim                   viktimi
view, visible, scene     vista
village                  viki
vine                     viti
vinegar                  vinagra
violet                   violeta
violin                   violina
virgin                   virgo
visit                    visita
vitamin                  vitamina
voice                    voka
volcano                  vulkani
volume, space            volumi
volume, tome             tomi
vomit                    vomita
vote                     vota
vowel                    vokali
vulgar                   vulga
vulture                  vultura


wafer                    biskokta
wait                     atende
wake (ship's)            sulko
walk                     gresi
wall                     mura
walnut                   juglans
walrus                   obodenus
waltz                    valza
wand                     virga
wander                   vaga
want, wish               volu
war                      guera
warm                     meso termo
warn                     monito
was going to             pa fu
wash                     lava
wasp                     vespa
waste                    sipa, disipa
water                    aqa, hidro
wave                     unda, undu
wax                      ceru
we, us, our              na
wealth, resources        pluto
weapon                   arma
weather                  klima
wedding ring             game-zo
wedge                    kune, kunea
weed                     u sponta
week                     setimana
weekend                  setimana-fini
weep, cry                lakrima
weigh                    ponde
weird                    misteri
welcome, greet           saluta, ave
well                     bene
well, water              frea, putea
west                     ocide, uest
what sort of?            qo
what thing?              qo-ra
whatever                 ali-ra
wheat                    tritiku
wheel, cycle             rota, ciklo
wheelbarrow              rota-va
whenever                 ali-kron
where?                   qo-lo
whereby                  per qi
wherein                  in qi
whether                  qu
which, that which        qod
whichever                ali-ra
while, during            tem, duranto
whip                     flagela
whisky                   wiski
whistle                  sibila
white                    albi, leuko
who, which               qi
who?                     qo-pe
whoever                  ali-pe
whole                    holo
why? / what cause?       qo-ka
why? / what intent?      qo-te
wide                     lati
widow                    vidua
wig                      peruka
wild                     agrio
win                      gania, vikto
wind                     venti
window                   fenestra
wine                     vini
wing                     ala, ptero
wink                     nikti
winter                   frigi-tem, hiberna
wise                     sofi
with, present            ko(n); sin
withhold                 non-ofero
without                  sine
without, lack, minus     minus
wolf                     lupus
woman, wife              gina
womb                     uteru
wonder                   mira
woo; court, yard         korta
wood                     ligni
wood, xylum              xilo
woodland, wood, forest   silva
wool                     lana
word                     lexi, verba
work, labor              ergo, labori
world                    munda
world-wide               holo munda
worm                     vermi
worship                  latri
would...if               sio
wound                    vulne
wrap up                  involve
wrestle                  lukta
wrinkle                  ruga
wrist                    karpu
write                    grafo, skribe
wrong                    mis
wrong, deceive, fraud    falsi


X-ray                    X-radia


yard                     korta
yawn                     hiao
year                     anua
yeast                    zimo
yellow                   xanto
yes                      ja
yesterday                pa-di
yet                      a-nu
yield, cede              cede
you, your (plural)       vi
you, your (singular)     tu
young                    juve


zebra                    zebra
zero, -ty                ze
zero, nothing            zero
zigzag                   zigazaga
zinc                     zinko
zone                     zona, -zo

Function words


-bo           shop (BOteka) 
-bo-pe        shopkeeper 
-do           house, building (DOmi) 
-fa           set, bundle (FAski) 
-fi           filament (FIlament) 
-ka           room (KAmera) 
-li           stone (LIto) 
-lo           place (LOka) 
-ma           material (MAteria) 
-me           device (MEkani) 
-mo           furniture (MObili) 
-pe           person (PErsona) 
-ra           thing (ReAli) 
-ru           instrument (instRUmenta) 
-te           cloth (TExtili) 
-va           vessel (VAsa) 
-ve           garment (VEsti) 
-zo           ring (ZOna) 


I, me, my          mi
you, your          tu [singular]
she, her           fe
he, him, his       an
one, one's         pe
it, its            id
we, us, our        na
you, your          vi [plural]
they, them, their  mu
oneself            se
self, own          auto
each other         alelo

Link Words

the just-said     -co 
accordingly       akorda-co 
afterwards        po-co
also              ko-co 
apart from that   no-klu-co 
by the way        para-co 
consequently      seqe-co 
conversely        kontra-co 
even so           klu-co 
finally           fini-co 
from all that     ex-co 
however           anti-co 
in this way       per-co 
meanwhile         tem-co 
moreover          plus-co 
nevertheless      anti-co 
otherwise         hetero-co 
similarly         homo-co 
summing up        suma-co 
therefore         ka-co 
to that extent    metri-co 


about             de 
in addition to    plus 
though            anti 
according to      akorda 
alternative       alo 
back to begin     versi 
because of        kausa 
in comparison     kompara 
on condition, if  konditio 
consequently      seqe 
touching          tange 
favoring          pro 
indicating        indika 
hanging           pende 
like              homo 
by means of       per 
including         klu 
even              klu 
intentional       tende 
instead of        vice 
near              proxi 
in so far as      metro 
suitable, fit     kongru 
supposing, if     postula 
useful            funktio 
with, present     sin; ko 
without, lack     minus 


0                 ze; zero 
1                 mo 
2                 bi 
3                 tri 
4                 tet; tetra 
5                 pen; penta 
6                 six 
7                 seti; septi 
8                 ok; okto 
9                 nona 
10                deka 
11                mo mo 
12                mo bi 
20                bi ze 
50                pen ze 
92                nona bi 
100               mo centi 
1000              mo kilo 
1 000 000         miliona 
10^6              dek a six 
5/8, 5 over 8     pen su ok 
3,2               tri koma bi 
+                 plus 
-                 minus 
x, by             para 
3 x 4 = 12        tri para tet eqa 
                      mo bi 
/ (divide)        divide 
5 books           penta bibli 
the 5th book      u bibli penta 
3 times           tri kron 
they have 2 each  singu pe habe bi ra 
how many?         qo numera?; qanto? 
count them        numera mu 
June 8            di ok, meno six 
Monday            di bi 
date              datu 


a, the            u 
more than one     plu 
all, every        pan(to) 
any               ali 
each              singu 
enough of         sati 
few               oligo 
big, much, lot    mega 
many, a lot of    poli; multi 
a little          pusi 
only              solo 
a bit of          mero; peci 
this (the-here)   u-ci 
that (the-there)  u-la 
these / those     plu-ci / plu-la 
a kind of         speci 
the whole of      holo 
which?            qo? 


yes/no questions  Qe... ? 
What/Which?       Qo? 
How many?         Qo numera? 
How much?         Qo metri? 
How often?        Qo freqe? 
Why? (cause)      Qo-ka? 
Why? (intent)     Qo-te? 
Where?            Qo-lo? 
What thing?       Qo-ra? 
Who?              Qo-pe? 
How?              Qo-mode?; Komo? 
When?             Qo-horo?; Qo-di? 

N.B. Question words which are the 
Object come after the verb. 


not               ne 
not until         ne pre 
opposites         no- 
nothing           nuli; zero 
not at all        nuli; zero 


now               nu 
past, -ed, did    pa 
shall, future     fu 
continue, -ing    du 
have just         nu pa 
was going to      pa fu 
shall have        fu pa 


about to          prepara
usually           more
begin to          proto
can, able to      pote
cease to          no-dura
hope to           spe
intend            te; tende
like to           hedo
may, perhaps      posi
may, licensed     lice
must              nece
ought to          debi
seem to           feno
try to            tenta
used to           pa more
want to           volu


be, is, am, are   es
act, do           akti
feel              este
find              detekti
get, receive      gene
give              dona
got               pa gene
got...en          ge-
have              habe
hear              audi; akusti
keep              tena
lose              lose
make, build       face
move, go          kine; ki
move, put         moti
pull              trakto; tira
react             reakti
remove            apo
say, speak        dice
see               vide
stimulate         sti
throw             bali


identical         iso
like              homo 
most, -est        maxi
least             mini
very              fo-


after             po
before            pre
day               di
evening           vespera
hour              horo
month             meno
morning           mana
minute            minuta
night             noktu
ago               retro
second            sekunda
during            tem; duranto
instant           kron
year              anua


across            trans
around            peri
at                a; topo
at, towards       a; ad
away              ab
backwards         retro
beside            para
beyond            ultra
down              kata
east              orienta
edge              litora; margina
far               tele; dista
from, out of      ex
here              ci
in                in
inside            intra
in front          ante
left              levo
middle            meso
north             boreo
on                epi
opposite          kontra
outside           extra
over, above       supra; su
place             loka; -lo
right             dextro
side              latu
south             austra
there             la
through           dia
under             infra; hipo
up                ana
west              ocide


beige             leuko-bruno
black             melano
blue              ciano
brown             bruno
colorless         minus kroma
crimson           purpuro-rubi
fawn              polio-bruno
green             kloro
greenish          sub-kloro
dark green        melano-kloro
deep green        fo-kloro
grey              polio
orange            rubi-xanto
pale green        leuko-kloro
purple            purpuro
red               rubi
white             leuko
yellow            xanto


good day; hello   boni di
good morning      boni mana
good evening      boni vespera
good night        boni nokti
hello; welcome    saluta
greetings         plu saluta
How are you?      Komo tu?
Are you well?     Qe tu habe sani? 
hello             ave
goodbye           vale
au revoir         a re-vide
happy birthday    hedo nati-di
merry Christmas   hedo Kristo-nati
happy new year    hedo neo anua
best wishes       plu kardia saluta
friendly greetings  plu ami saluta 
congratulations   plu gratula
I congratulate you  Mi gratula tu.
cheers; good health  a tu sani
good luck         boni fortuna
bad luck          mali fortuna
have a good journey  boni viagia
how terrible      komo deino
what a surprise   komo mira
well              bene
please            place
thank you for...  gratia de ...
no; yes           no; ja
sorry; excuse me  penite; pardo
quite alright     no-gravi
Mr.               Sinior (Sr.)
Ms.               Siniorina (Sa.)
Mrs.              Siniora
isn't it?         qe?
really?           qe, veri?
yours sincerely   a tu sinceri
by the way        para dice